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Love it when it snows
Don’t want to look at homeless people?  What should be done about it? Should big government step in and regulate the situation? I thought you guys were against big government with their rules and regulations. You think the cities caused this probl... 
Love it when it snows
Tony Heller the birther guy? Is that even his real name? I think he is part of the reason YouTube started putting warnings on videos. 
Where can I find 1/4 20 speaker spikes???
Thank you for posting that turnbowm I had been looking to replace the spikes on my skylan as well. 
Preamp with HDMI inputs
Essence HDACC might fit the bill.. There’s one listed on the auction site (i’ve no affiliation with the seller). 
Do speaker cables need a burn in period?
Im not sure that it proves nobody is doing it for free as I have not done any research on this but my first google search turned up this:’m sure there are others. You have peaked my curiosity however... 
Do speaker cables need a burn in period?
@atdavid...just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your post. Welcome aboard. 
Do speaker cables need a burn in period?
Morrow offers this service for about $30 bucks for three days and then charges in $10 increments for extended lengths of time. The fee is the same if you buy one cable or a full loom. Many dealers offer these services as well. Not much here to arg... 
JBL mid-range speaker repair....4315-B cabinets
Contact Bill LeGall at Millersound in Lansdale PA. He’s the best in the business. 
Mattresses, not stereos is where the money is
My niece married a guy that sells Hastens mattresses in LA. I think they go for around 50 or 60k. 
Best Brands Out of These-Wharfendale,Bowers and Wilkinsons...
Add Horbath to the list as well. 
Favorite punk song.
Mission of Burma-“Thats when I reach for my revolver” 
What is wrong with audiophiles?
Thanks for sharing Miller! I have always been of the opinion that if a change in the system makes a dramatic improvement, it should easily past the double blind test.  
Best budget streamer on the market now?
At the $50 price point the Klipsch Gate is tough to beat. Sounds more natural than the Node 2i IMHO.  
This new McIntosh integrated looks like a winner
So did Luxman in 1984. 
What are some of the most underrated and overrated loudspeakers you’ve auditioned?
The cliche dig on Bose in a lame attempt to up your audiophile street cred is overrated.