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the blue nile on ipod?
digital skipping like a dirty cd. 
Wish List For Vinyl Pressings
los lobos. and their side projects. 
the blue nile on ipod?
yea they skip 
Beatles Remasters on USB Drive and Vinyl
rw and what source said from the org. masters. i'd bet the ranch it will be from the new remaster disc . let me know 
Beatles Remasters on USB Drive and Vinyl
on vinyl from digital masters. buy the cds. 
Big Star..??
these recordings sounded a lil bright to start with on the org ardent issiues not a bad thing so now they sound bright with a very quiet backround. the chris bell is killer rhino handmade is a must. 
New favorite VINYL Album?
no they are not new , but avail. check local record shops they were in plenty. 
Best pre-owned 2-channel amp for under $2000??
all good amps , the parasound is a killer and smooth. i have one for sale. 
New favorite VINYL Album?
the first chris isaak lp was called "silvertone" new pls "fleet foxes" music matters "jackie mclean swing" 
Best SACD Player in the $2000 Range
linn sc is the one. this player is king it will play anything but bluray but is also a dac for another input an can also be a preamp. read alvin gold's review. the vid section will also impress. used it creams all other players in the $2000 range ... 
Looking to upgrade From my Odyssey Mono extremes
mccormack dna 500 or the new dna 250 
beatle remasters on vinyl?
vinyl copies of digital masters , just buy the cds 
So, What is the Verdict on the Beatles Box Sets?
wireless = brainless 
So, What is the Verdict on the Beatles Box Sets?
thats it.mooooooooove on 
rega counterweight for zu 103?