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So, What is the Verdict on the Beatles Box Sets?
wireless take ur head out of. everything was avail in mono at time of release up until yellow sub, and i even found a mono abby in london in 89'. if u all are hard for the love lp so be it what could be more processed, but we all love it. listen e... 
How to listen to the Beatles re-releases?
it seems the u fn audio guys have been twiddlin your knobs too long. just listen to the discs , can u really complain. 90% of u cant do your job 10% as good as the remasters were done. i spent thousands on uk mono press lps and for $200 i got 99%.... 
How loud do you like to play your music?
well ad/dc foos and stuff like that, loud 110 db at least blue nile 80. it can be quite earth shakin in my 10 x 12 room w/ 2 dna 500's monoed? with a pr of zu's so how loud depends on the amount of power i can get out wall outlet w/ a 20 amp break... 
New Beatles remasters
does anyone know where to get those mylar outer sleeves in the mono set . 
New Beatles remasters
all i can say its like waxing a 65' vett. they took great stuff and made it sound about as good as it gets. lps would be the cats ass. i only hope . white disc real close to the uk first press mono lp ,lackin in that ol lp body of tone . buy em an... 
Ordered from - BS
listen if u wanted the sets they were there to get,all u had to do was send the the pre orders in. today i receieved both sets today as prices better than almost anybody. $169 stereo $209 mono. the music is what its all about . isn't t... 
What the most musical power amp for under $1K?
a used mccormack. hands down 
anyone use ikea for lp racks?
i have a 5x5 4x4 and 2 2x4's. great. u need to put 1/4 round trim in the back so the records don't push back too far. on sale this weekend a 2x4 for $50 
Beatles catalog remastered for Sept. 09 release
there has been no info about box set really. will there be lp box sets, mono sets? cd box set? help 
Nick Drake and others like him
daniel martyin moore "stray age" on sub pop lp also avail. w/ 7" on shake it records. 
Recommendations - DAC $500 w/ USB
blue circle usb thingee check out web site maxed out 'bout 500 clams 
Recommendations - DAC $500 w/ USB
blue circle 
Designer Hall of Fame
don allen. his amps and pres are without peers. what this man does and at such a low price is what i thought unbelievable. his cd player too. you'd be scared. 
The Best CDs to Give as Presents
jackie gleason "christmas" otis "blue" dlux. ed. and the blue nile "hats" 
Sony Playstation 1 for a CD player ???
i've had one for years and all i can say is i dare anyone come up with anything that sounds as good for less than 2grand.