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What music do you want to play really loud?
"stoopid" by snot, enter sandman,queens of stoneage,nirvana oh yeh kraftwerk live etc. 
lightweight power cable for a linn 1.1 cd player
thanks all. 
Zu Druids - Two years after
is one method enough? 
Zu Druids - Two years after
mine are two years old and from a 300b to a dna 500 i sill like 'em.but could use some help on the bottom. my room is 12x12 and filled with racks of records and cds so maybe its 9.5 x 10. any advise on a sub? 
The Most Beautiful Song of The RnR era?
"true love ways" buddy 50 years gone. pitch ernie 
Whic CD player would you pick and why
the sc is a great uni too, but its also a dac and a pre, so there u go. for bout 1500 sold .that leaves 5 biguns to pc audio. done. 
Best SS amp for Zu Druid Mk IV speakers
hell just to sidetrack abit i use a mccormack dna 500 w/ druids to great effect. but the older mccormack amp sound great priced right and can always be upgraded. 500 into 101 = W O W damm near 130dbs coooooooool 
Upgrading Frontend in 2009: Which way to go?
well i have a linn 1.1 and its great it does things other players just don't. there are a few for sale in your price. there is also the linn sc which does a whole bunch if things and can also be a dac.uni-disc playerswith vid just for kicks. just ... 
any retipping advise on a linn troika?
no its was made by supex but gold ring does . thanks alot 
upgrade roksan xerxes
no has anything to say about roksan xerxes updates or power suppl. 
best power cord for mccormack dna500
What integrated beats AES Sixpacs? Budget $3500
lavardin is reference very nice 
any retipping advise on a linn troika?