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Guitar's...what do the audionuts play?
Fender, and badly. 
What is the Phono stage you have finished with?
I've had a Herron Audio MC tube phono stage for 5-6 years.Last year I had to change the tubes (one died and the others were ready to), but I would not think of changing it.Beautiful, smooth, detailed sound. 
Food: What does the typical audiophile eat?
Omnivore! Man was not made to graze.I'll eat anything except macaroni & cheese, the smell alone makes me gag. 
Do cold temperatures damage audio equipment?
I've found both of the above comments to be correct. Last year I moved from Alaska in the dead of winter. The temperature was -15 F when everything was packed into a steel box which went by barge to Seattle, then trucked to up-state New York.All o... 
how long to break in a power conditioner?
I had a pair of Monster units a few years ago and I found they sounded much better when sitting on Starsound Audio Points. Dave 
Furutech powercords
Six Moons had a review on Furutech power cords in the last couple of months. It may have information you are looking for.It was a very positive review if I remember correctly.Dave 
Any recommendation for TOP 5 cables AES/EBU ?
For "neutral and natural" sounding interconnects I have found none better than those made by Analysis Plus. 
Are Dust Covers a MUST
I use a silk scarf to keep the dust off of my TT. Visitors are carefully manacled and their children are leashed. No problems so far. 
phonocable for dynavector xv-1s
Cincy_Bob:I auditioned the Low Mass Oval. My TT design makes it very hard to use a "stiff" cable without putting side pressure on the DIN connection.Dave 
What is your cartridge and tracking force used
Clearaudio Discovery mounted on a Moerch DP-6, 12" Tonearm.Recommend: 2.0 to 2.4Currently set at 2.03 with no tracking problems.VTA is set dead level.Best regards,Dave 
phonocable for dynavector xv-1s
Trying to respond to your question, I looked-up your arm and found that dynavector recommends a cable with a "5P connector with low resistance cord 0.025ohms/m , 37pF/m."Unfortunately, I am not familiar with a "5p connector." I'm assuming that is ... 
Phono Cable Suggestions?
Hello Raul:Thank you for your earlier suggestions and your congratulations.I spent the weekend listening to my TT with the Furutech phono cable, and I am pleased with my choice. I really expected the Analysis Plus model to "win out" because I use ... 
Phono Cable Suggestions?
For those that might be interested:I purchased the Furutech phono cable after listening to both in my system.My reasons were 1) both were excellent performers with no difference that I could hear between the two and 2) the Furutech was +/- $100.00... 
help, please: hum on active buffer stage
Eguth:The only tubes I have in my system are in the Phono Preamp, so my experience is limited.That being said, I would think the reduction in hum is due to everything "settling in" and warming-up (heat sinks, circuit plates, wiring, etc) to equili... 
House Wiring Defect?
Remember to turn off (at the breaker) the house power before you take the outlet cover off to inspect the ground and +,-.I know it is semi insulting to write the above, but having grabbed 220 once myself (and 110 more than once), it is meant in th...