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Emerald Physics CS-2, Opinions Please
Thanks for the responses.Jaybo; I'm not bored with the Talons, I just can not find a sub that can keep up with them, without spending more than the Talons cost. My only knock on the Talon monitors is the lean bass (@ +/- 35Hz). There is some music... 
Driven to Tears
Twice, once when I played the Marrying Maiden album by "It's a Beautiful Day" for a friend, and once when my ex-wife found out how much the system cost. 
What recordings do you use?
Bach Goldberg Variations, Glen Gould, for both CD and LP. Piano is the most difficult to reproduce(IMHO),and it is a very clean recording.Dave 
Moerch DP-6 VTA Adjustment
The arm took a little getting used to because I was using Rega and SME arms earlier. The sound is exceptional, as well as the tracking and the adjustability. I added the Teres VTA adjuster and I am happy with the whole package.Dave 
Moerch DP-6 VTA Adjustment
There is a small set screw (Allen Head) recessed into the collar where the base penetrates the arm board/tt plinth. Loosen it and pull up or push down. Retighten the set screw. 
At what point can you hear a Fast or Slow Table?
My ex-wife is an opera singer with perfect pitch. She would walk into a room with anything playing (TT, CD, and of course live music), and the first thing she would do is start to hum with her hands cupped over one or both ears. I do not think she... 
Upgrade Path - Arm - ? Teres?
Spinitch:For what it is worth, I agree with Dougdeacon based on my own experience.I followed the path of a "mid" table and arm with an excellent cartridge. While the music was very good, the table and arm were always in the mix. The better the rec... 
recommendation for best low cost rca interconnect
Take a look at the "Anti-Interconnects" manufactured by Paul Speltz. He has a number of ad's here on A-gon.Dave 
HDTV Over The Air?
Thank you all for your responses, this was exactly what I was looking for.Right now I get decent reception from towers that are clustered about 6 miles away in Kenai Alaska. With your responses I now have a warm fuzzy that HDTV reception should no... 
Opinion on Turntable & Transport / DAC.
In my experience, it took approximately 1/3 of the dollars to get "better" performance with LP's. That is to say, I had a very good sounding (to me) CD transport, DAC, Cables, Pre-amp, etc., and the Analog system that replaced it cost about 1/3 th... 
What new gear will you be buying this year?
Thanks to the moving company, I will be buying a new phono cartridge, and cd transport.Dave 
New Cartridge for Morch DP-6, 12", Red Dot
Thanks again for all of your suggestions. I have a "short list" of cartridges that I am exploring. However, here in Alaska the chance to hear anything first hand requires at least a plane trip to Seattle.The ones that I am looking at (via the inte... 
New Cartridge for Morch DP-6, 12", Red Dot
Ptmconsulting: I looked at the Moerch site for the cartridge listing, and could not find it. Do you have a link?Dave 
New Cartridge for Morch DP-6, 12", Red Dot
Thank you all for your responses.Raul: The Thorens (a well preserved, late 70's model, that had great sound), the 3012R, and the Discovery were all trashed by the moving company. I'm not talking dented, they were destroyed; along with a Dynavector... 
What other hobby or hobbies do you have?
Flyfishing & hunting.