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Horns vs Ribbons vs Dyanamic
6bq5,"Electrostatics are at the other end, with a max SPL of some in the 88dB range. "More than a little misleading, in my opinion. My Sound Labs have no problem hitting 102+ dB peaks (measured by SPL meter). Hell, even the ESL57s don't start to s... 
Tube CD-player question
Ayre C-5xe fits the bill. Not sure why so many respondents disregarded your specific request for solid state suggestions. 
Best amps for MBL101e's?
I cannot speak for their ability to drive your specific speakers, but I have Ayre MX-Rs on another very difficult load - Sound Lab A-1s. The Sound Labs have never sounded better, in my opinion. Great amps. I too used tube gear for many, many years... 
Dali MegaLine overviews from owners ?
Audiooracle,Perhaps you should learn how to spell your "friend's" name??? 
Which new Reissues are free of pops, ticks etc?
I have had no problems whatever with any of the reissues from Cisco (out of perhaps 10 purchases). By the way, their version of Britten's 'Young People's Guide to the Orchestra' is, in my opinion, an absolute must have. 
"Warmer" high-powered amp/int stable w/ low load?
Depending on your budget, I would suggest one of the McCormack amps (DNA-1, DNA-225, or DNA-2 if you can stretch it). They should have no trouble with that load and have the 'warm' sound that you appear to be looking for. 
Review: Ayre Acoustics MX-R Amplifier
Cytocycle,My absolute favorite is Uncommon Ritual. Try track 7. Others - Music for Two, Appalachia Waltz, Appalachian Journey, and Skip, Hop & Wobble. Meyer is predominately known for bluegrass style music, but he is also a superb classical ba... 
Review: Ayre Acoustics MX-R Amplifier
Thanks. I would never presume to argue the merits of any piece of gear without giving a context of system and personal taste.Want to hear an amusing fact? The guy who bought my JC-1s is replacing the Pass XA-160s with them! 
Review: Ayre Acoustics MX-R Amplifier
Thanks very much for the kind words. The JC-1s are great amps, and not just 'for the money'. It's a tribute to Curl, Thompson, and Crump that it took something like the MX-Rs to extract them from my system. 
Parasound Halo - SimAudio Aurora or Bryston
dna2505,Both the Sims and the Brystons suffer from the typical solid state bugaboos. What they do well, they do VERY well indeed, but they rob the music of life by bleaching harmonic color. The JC-1s do this to a much smaller degree, to the point ... 
Parasound Halo - SimAudio Aurora or Bryston
The JC1s, without question, would be my preference. I'm about to sell mine. Why? Well, to buy a pair of the much more expensive Ayre MX-Rs. These are the only amps that could pry the JC1s out of my hands. They are that good.Disclaimer: mine have b... 
Any comments on the MBL 121 Compacts
Resulta4sure,I understand that you are an MBL dealer. Is this correct? If so, you are obligated to state as much. Otherwise, your 'opinions' are simply self-serving and unethical. 
Anyone own a Running Springs Audio power cond.
Terry,That's an interesting observation regarding the power amps. I've actually had the opposite result. There was an immediate and very noticable all-around improvement when I bought a Duke for my JC-1s - and I live in an area where power is rela... 
VPI Aries 1 upgrades?
I have recently traded up from an original Aries to an Aries 3. There are 3 main differences: the platter/bearing, the arm (10.5 to 10.5i), and the plinth. I have added the periphery ring and center weight, by the way. I went through the same thou... 
1st, most memorable recording...
Absolutely no problem with this question...'Hotel California' played on the old Koss electrostatics (speakers, that is) and custom amplification by Roger Modjeski, who was working at the store as a tech at the time. Naturally, they also had one of...