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How we clean records in Texas
> Why not use the washing machine on the front porch?That stays busy washing the smell off of the Yankees streaming into town. 
SOTA Millennia - Comments?
Sirspeedy is speaking of TW Acustic. The Raven One, which I have heard head to head with my Cosmos, is better than he implies, but the Cosmos is still the superior 'table all around. In my opinion, of course. 
Any experience with Ayre L5-Xe Power Conditioner?
I have my Messenger preamp and C-5xe connected to the L-5xe, and really wouldn't be without it. However, I heard a slight negative effect when I had my MX-Rs running into the filter, so they now go directly into wall outlets. The 'table (actually ... 
ICE Amps for classical music?
Muralman,What are you differing about? I referred specifically to the Wyred 4 Sound amps, I used several different interconnects and power cables of varying design and composition, and the fact is that on my SoundLabs, the amps were bright and the... 
ICE Amps for classical music?
Rleff,Only to a degree. If I turned the control down far enough to get rid of the brightness, it clearly depressed the upper mids to an unacceptable degree.I've had quite a number of amps on these speakers, and none have exhibited this behavior to... 
ICE Amps for classical music?
Interesting that you should mention the Wyred 4 Sound amps. With curiousity having gotten the better of me, I recently acquired a used pair of the 250 monoblocks (more like monobricks, actually) to try out on my SoundLabs. The little amps drove th... 
SOTA cosmos turntables
Dmccombs,Yes, SOTA can be slow. They are a very small company. However, let me relate a little story to you.Last May, I sent my Cosmos to SOTA. Fedex absolutely trashed it. Long story short - Fedex took until September to pay off on the claim, and... 
Is there life after a KXR? Help
> In the end I decided the MXRs mate perfectly with my speakers and should therefore be kept together. And yet you have your MX-Rs listed for sale here on Audiogon? Weird. 
Is there life after a KXR? Help
Mike,I would suggest that you audition a Messenger with phono stage. This is the best preamp I have ever heard/owned, bar none. MikeP.S. I also own MX-Rs, driving SoundLab A-1PXs. 
Merrill tables
$900 in 1984 = $1895.14 in 2008 dollars. 
SOTA cosmos turntables
> How high would you have to go to better the performance of the cosmos?An unanswerable question, one calling for an informed and critical opinion of one who has not only heard the Cosmos at length but who has extensive experience with, say, Ro... 
SOTA cosmos turntables
I own a Cosmos Mk IV. In the past, I've owned two VPIs, a Michell Orbe, a Well Tempered Reference, and others even further back. The Cosmos is far and away the best of the lot. I have auditioned the Brinkmann and an SME 20, but can't make a direct... 
Attention Messenger Preamp Owners...
Nrostov,Thanks very much for the information. I'll have to get in touch with Elliot. Do you happen to know how much the upgrade costs?Mike 
Ayre MR-X monoblocks - how good are they??
I am using a Messenger preamp with my MX-Rs. The combination is spectacular. It's been some years since I've auditioned a First Sound preamp, but I would be willing to bet that it would make a great match. You might want to check with Emmanuel Go ... 
Anyone permanently convert from tubes to SS?
I've owned many tube amps over the past 35 years. The Ayre MX-Rs have converted me. Still use a tube preamp (Messenger), however.