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The closest approach...really
The ESL-57s and the Gradient make a very nice combination, but I would take a pair of the PX-ed SoundLabs any day. My opinion only, of course. 
Sanders sound or parasound for big ESL's
Hi Lance,I can provide a little more information. I've owned both the Innersound amp (driving the 'stat panels of Innersound 3.5s) and the JC-1s, driving my A-1s. I was always deeply impressed by the Innersound amp. It's a tremendous value. A loca... 
The Messenger Preamp
Jazdoc,I have not heard the Aria preamp. Given Mike earlier designs, I'm sure it's quite special. Mike 
The Messenger Preamp
Justin,Very kind of you to say so. I never feel as though I can fully convey what I'm hearing and feeling, but if I've captured the essence, I'm happy. Actually, you summed it up as well as anything I could say - "it just gets out of the way and l... 
Ayre MR-X monoblocks - how good are they??
I've now lived with the MX-Rs for just about 18 months. I will tell you that they are superb, even driving my very difficult SoundLabs. I've never had even the remote notion of parting with them.As for the "nice to poor recordings" bit, it is true... 
Great Cartridge for Graham Phantom
One of the best cartridges for the Phantom is - surprise - Graham's own Nightingale II. Disclaimer here...I have my Nightingale listed for sale at this writing. There's no way in the world that I would be selling it, except that it is too wide to ... 
The Messenger Preamp
Hi Albert,Thanks very much. Do I recall correctly that you live in the Dallas area? If so - or even if I'm wrong - please feel free to come on by if you find yourself in north Houston.Mike 
The Messenger Preamp
Hi Jazdoc,I'm envious! Listening to the preamp with the designer. That's very special. Thanks for the kind words. I am indeed very much enjoying myself these days.Mike 
How Many Turntables Have You Owned
Right, from earliest to latest...Dual 1218, AR (twice), Thorens 124, Rega Planar 2, Rega Planar 3, Well Tempered Classic, Michell Gyro, VPI Aries I, VPI Aries 3, Sota Cosmos, and Dual 1218 (for playing 78s only). Yeah baby, full circle (sort of). 
Current feeling on stacked quads?
> I wonder what you mean with "light", wished you would describe this more. Is this a coloration you heard or a lack of dynamics?As I said, I have trouble describing it with any conventional terminology. It's a lightness or delicacy that is ALW... 
Current feeling on stacked quads?
Detlof,I have driven my SoundLab A-1PX with Atma MA-1s, Parasound JC-1s, and now Ayre MX-Rs. The Atma-Spheres are an excellent match, no question. They have three significant downsides: 1) they produce a great deal of heat, which is unacceptable f... 
Triplanar Mk VI or Mk VII?
My apologies for not getting back to thank you folks for the replies. I am moving forward on acquiring a Mk VII. 
Your last speaker?
SoundLab A-1PX. Nothing has even come close to tempting me away from them in the nearly 3 years I've owned them. The PX panels solved the last nagging problem with the SLs (dynamic range). 
Best single-malt Scotch...
Well, I find the concept of a 'best' single malt to be just as elusive as 'best' preamp or a 'best' speaker. It doesn't exist. Depends far too much on weather, attitude, time of day, or whatever. HOWEVER...if my arm were twisted, I would point the... 
Parasound JC-1 power amplifier
Brian,The word 'compromised' was in quotes for a reason. You KNOW how much respect I have for these amps.As for the "world's best amp if" remark, well, all I can say is that it's the best I've heard in my system, and I'm extraordinarily happy with...