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Parasound JC-1 power amplifier
Chris,Having owned a pair of JC-1s to drive my SoundLabs, I can assure you that they are excellent amps and an incredible bargain, especially on the used market. Are they 'compromised'? Of course, but CTC picked out those 'compromised' parts so sk... 
Mapleshade tweaks
RCCC - Blanket pronouncements with no backing facts are utterly useless. We might as well be on a Y@hoo message board.Slaw3 - thanks for giving us a few facts to work with, but perhaps statements such as "And they have great copy writers, saying t... 
Mapleshade tweaks
My experiences have been variable. The Samson racks are as good as it gets, as far as I am concerned. I have two of them. I also have a Mapleshade-modified Scott tuner, and I can assure you that the difference between it and the stock version is s... 
Soundlabs and magnepan mix on front stage?????
Lance,Interesting idea. Let me correct a misconception. The nominal impedance of the SLs may be 8 ohms, but it's VERY far from a flat impedance curve. You're looking at 40-50 ohms in the mids, dropping to about 2 ohms at 20 kHz. It is not a nice l... 
Record storage?
Check the 'Single Malt Scotch Collection' shot in my system photos: are IKEA's Norrebo shelves. Good looking, very sturdy, and cost-effective. 
What is the ideal weight/mass for a turntable?
Chris,A truly excellent, objective summary of the subject, thank you. "I personally believe that a well implemented unsuspended turntables deliver more satisfying and accurate sound. But I certainly can understand why someone else may prefer the "... 
Euphoric Realism vs. Euphonic Romanticism
The Messenger preamp has the exact characteristics that you describe...and those traits are precisely why I bought the preamp in the first place. 
Da Vinci Grandezza
Hmmm, yes. Let's just say that I believe that I should have had a whole lot more warning than this. 
Da Vinci Grandezza
Yes, well, news flash. I just got word from my accountant regarding 2007 taxes. It would appear that this Grandezza is going to be back on the market :( 
Da Vinci Grandezza
Hi Raul,No, the Aries 3 will not take a 12" arm (and SME-type mount) as far as I am aware.Mike 
Da Vinci Grandezza
Great. Now if only a 'lightly used' La Platin would show up on here, I could consider it! It's a bit outside of the budget at retail. 
Great Cartridge for Graham Phantom
Why not consider the Graham Nightingale? It is superb. 
New update for VPI tables
I have to admit, I really don't understand those who criticize a manufacturer providing upgrades to existing equipment. The reverse of that particular coin is the company that simply churns out products and doesn't give a damn what happens after t... 
I have just purchased the latest Sound Lab M1
Dennis,Several things here. First, I agree with Brian regarding the Atma-Sphere MA-2s. His questions are valid - are you sure that the speakers have both of these updates? I can answer one of your other questions as well. The JC-1s have more than ... 
Krell FBP vs Parasound JC1
> JC-1 are finicky about the AC power and speakers they drive.This statement is completely contrary to my own experience. They drove my (extremely difficult load) SoundLabs very well indeed. Not sure where this impression comes from, and it's t...