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Cable synergy for EAR Yoshino products.
EAR-USA uses all Jorma Design cables.A fantastic synergy!! 
Some tables have soul and some not
Yes, it did everything right as in-Deep, tight bass, mid range detail and extended highs that were free of grain and edge. Good prat, and a solidity to the overall presentation.Yet....., it just wasn't captivating.IMO the measure of a system, or a... 
Some tables have soul and some not
I just found this thread, and was interested in the topic, and felt I had some thoughts on the subject. I started to read through the thread, and see that it has veered in a million directions.In response to the op, I would like to share my experi... 
External Hard Drive Search Frustration. Help
Check out " computeraudiophile.com".They have a list of recommended drives and enclosures.Also quite a bit of discussion in the forums.-Carl 
Tube amps with Apogee Scintilla's your thoughts ?
I have a pair of Innersound Kayas that also have 1ohm dips. I started out with 2EAR 890's in bridge mode, but they couldn't handle the Kayas. Extremely rolled off In the highs. Then I started with high power solid state, but quickly learned that I... 
Mac Mini Monitor/Keyboard/mouse
HiI just went through this, so I think I can help.To begin, you need to set up screen sharing on the mini. It can be done with an HDMI to a tv if you have one. But you will still need a keyboard and a mouse. Once it's set up, you have to have the ... 
45rpm pressing of Fleetwood Mac Rumours
I am disappointed with the 45 rpm version. After reading all of the glowing reports, I was really looking forward to this. I also find it to be dull and rolled off at the top. My setup - Garrard 301 in Steve Dobbens plinth, Triplanar arm with Dyna... 
CD isolation platfroms
I've found the Townsend seismic sink, either in it's new form with springs, or the older ones with an air bladder, to be more effective than anything else I have tried. 
How many Lp do U have more than 5 of the Same
Grateful Dead American Beauty-3 Mobile Fidelity and 5 Warner Brothers 
Azimuth and the Fozgometer
When using the Fozgometer, it's not necessary to go through the phonostage if your cartridge output is sufficient. With my Dynavector XV-1S, output is .4mv and I was able to go directly into the meter without using the phonostage. 
Bad hum using Berning TF-12 with Beveridges?
Have you tried floating the ground? 
Isolation for a table for floors with movement
I would suggest looking into the Townsend Seismic sink. The older ones used an air bladder, and the new ones use springs. Both are the most effective platforms I have tried. 
BAT SS amps VS Ayre MX-R
Hi ArthurI hate to say it, but if you really want to hear those Prince's sing, you've got to think tubes. Just my 2 cents.-Carl 
If I like sound of Ayre Integrated I would Like...
Dkzzz,Just out of curiosity, are you trying to be a new "Romy the Cat". Your level of obnoxiousness is right up there with Romy. Except Romy is quite knowledgeable and intelligent. 
If I like sound of Ayre Integrated I would Like...
I agree.Dkzzz is just looking for an argument.Why don't you just buy an Ayre and put this thread to rest.