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Electrostat - M-L; Quad or Soundlab - reliable
I can attest to the reliability of the Innersounds. The stats are practically bulletproof. No arcing, no issues with dust or humidity. Yes, Innersound has closed it's doors, but Roger Sanders is in Colorado, and very willing to help you out, if a ... 
Townshend Audio Seismic sink repair
Try calling Dan Meinwald of EAR-USA - 562-422-4747.He is the US importer for Townsend. 
Good rock LPs not rare?
My apologiesI think I have been misunderstood.I wasn't making a value judgement on any type of system, and I don't want to hijack this thread and turn it into a catfight.Please, continue with the recommendations. 
Good rock LPs not rare?
HiWhile I think that there are many good recordings on your list, quite a few of them would not sound very good in a more revealing system. One of the strengths of the Vanderstein 5A's is their ability to make poor recordings more listenable. A sp... 
Martin Logan Summit
You might want to check out the Innersound amps. They were designed for this exact purpose, and they really are quite good. Their output remains steady all the way down to 1/2 ohm. There are several currently listed at great prices. 
Room Correction Systems and Electrostatics?
If your only problem is in the bass region, you should consider a Rives Parc.It can attenuate 3 different frequencies, and is completely analog.Disclaimer: I will be putting mine up for sale in the near future. 
Need Advice On Placing Absorption Panel On Ceiling
I have a series of RPG absorber/diffusor panels on the ceiling. I found them to be very effective. Before I put them up, I had constant problems with edginess. Placing absorbers on the sidewalls at the reflection points did not do enough.The ceili... 
PS Audio Premier
Thanks to all for your responses. I find it confusing that some of us have had issues with the fan, and others have never had it come on. Jsaw, and Foster -I have had my amps plugged directly into dedicated circuits, and had them running through t... 
Most resolving, transparent amps.
I have not heard an amp that equals, or even approaches the Dartzeel in this regard. Combined with a beautifully sweet midrange, it is really quite special. 
Sexiest Pop Song Ever?
"Essence" by Lucinda Williams 
Marten Coltrane and Kharma mini opinions
I currently have the Coltranes in my system. Prior to this I was running the Kharma 3.2's with the Kharma sub. Both of the speakers you are considering are excellent speakers. But you are talking about a 2-way speaker with very limited bass extens... 
power cable recommendation for dartzeel amplifier
HiI'm the friend that Fsarc was referring to. I tried quite a few cords, some considerably more expensive, and settled on the Silent Source. For my system, it gave me the right amount of bass. Other cords were either too lean, or too soft in the m... 
Need a list of TT with arms and motors seperate
If you are looking for low bearing noise, check out Harry Pearson's review of the new EAR turntable.I believe it is in the August issue. Magnetic bearing - completely silent. Harry was quite impressed. 
Best Live Shows 2006 ?
I saw the Subdudes Saturday night in NY. A great show. These guys are the real thing. Played two sets, covering most of the 2 most recent albums, and some older stuff. The highlight of the show was the last number before the intermission. They ste... 
musical drummers...who are they ???
I have to agree with Xiekitchen - the young Tony Williams did it differently than anybody else. He didn't just keep a rhythm, he flowed with the the music. Check out Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage. Pure genius.