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ASC Tube Traps vs. Cube Tower Trap
One big difference is that the tube trap is tuneable - you can rotate the inside with an allen wrench - for varying degrees of reflection and absorption. The cube trap is not tuneable. 
Need Advice on stand mounted speakers
Check out the Proac 1sc. Very musical, clean sound. 
Best integrated tube amp under 3K
Worth looking at EAR 834. New is $3500 
There is a new version of the DMC-30 preamp, called DMC-30SLI haven't heard much about it, but the price is supposed to be "under 10k. 
JM Lab Mezzo Utopia ?
You might want to consider the Avalon Opus. 
Best speaker for rock music
I have to ditto the Avalons. I just got a pair of the Opus, and can't believe how good it sounds with all music. Extremely musical with the punch to rock.