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How old is too old?
Dude- you're never too old to enjoy what you love. Keep listening and having fun...here's to the next 30 years. 
Warm, fullbodied, smooth, and transparent
The DCCA are indeed very good cables. 
Speaker help - short list needed
Green Mountain Audio Callistos. 
Warm, fullbodied, smooth, and transparent
Straley Reality Cables come to mind as well. Can't recommend highly enough. 
Best non-USB Dac for $3k, computer as source?
I just bought the best DAC I've heard, and I've heard many.The new Burson DA 160 is a revelation. You might look into it- price is $950.00. 
Terrible/Inappopriate songs ...
Inappropriate category: Jim Carroll Band ("It's too late, to fall in love with Sharon Tate"). 
Amy Winehouse.RIP
Tubegroover- I believe the anonymity of the web has greatly heightened the lack of civility. I see it on every forum I'm on, be it music, technology or politics. And it's not just one side spewing the vitriol. The liberals and conservatives throw ... 
Amy Winehouse.RIP
Murdoch and Roger Ailes have something to do with this?Man that's a reach there dude.And people wonder why the political climate is so hostile :) 
Amy Winehouse.RIP
"Addiction is like drinking from a well and falling in."Blkadr- that's a very good description. 
Amy Winehouse.RIP
One thing is certain- this subject and the passions it inspires will quickly fade, and Winehouse will be resigned to distant memory. That is how life works, it has always been that way, and it always will. 
Amy Winehouse.RIP
Religious leanings aside, not all deaths merit respect. Since each of us will die, I think the respect due, if any, is for the way you lived- not the fact that the inevitable- death- took you.Winehouse had some talent, and she was clearly an addic... 
Amy Winehouse.RIP
Orpheus10;Thanks for the political talking points.And this involves Amy Winehouse how? 
What Song Reminds You of Your First Love?
Ben Folds: Song For The Dumped ( give me my money back, you bitch, and don't forget to give me back my black t shirt!) 
sub for spica tc50
I had the TC-50's with the Spics Servo Subwoofer years ago...great combo.I suggest a look at the Gallo TR-1. 
Phoebe Snow has died.
Wow, sorry to hear that. She was quite talented.