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Whom to invite to a Powercord shootout party
DCCA, Audience, and spend $60 on a Pangea AC-9 for the heck of it. 
Perfect Debute Albums
Steele Dan- Can't buy a thrill. 
lambchop fans out there
Maybe Lamb Chop will handle vocals for Kermit! Supergroup! 
lambchop fans out there
I'm with Theo- I remember the real lamb chop. 
Robin Trower
In this place, Bridge of Sighs. 
child-free environment?
4est- loved your post.... 
Headphone/Amp Combo for under $800
AKG 702 and Heed Can Amp are a great combo for less than that money...want even better for a few hundred more? Burson HA160 ($699) and AKG 702 ( $250) will light you up very well. 
Which one is better, streamer pro or DL III?
Always happy to challenge blanket statements that infer that those in disagreement are less enlightened. I stated my opinion based on experience with many Dacs- including the one you own. You seem offended that I challenged your statement and I me... 
Which one is better, streamer pro or DL III?
Sorry but the toslink vs. USB statement above is an opinion, not a fact.Out of a Mac, a glass toslink like Van Ven Hul Optocoupler into many Dacs sounds as good...sometimes better, than USB.Having owned many dacs and tried both approaches, I find ... 
Who's Enjoying the Pure Music App Besides Me??
I have it and absolutely love it. Sound improvement truly ranks with a major component upgrade in my experience. Highly recommended. 
Zappa Plays Zappa
Saw the Charlotte show last year...went to the pre show as well and found Dweezil to be a warm intelligent guy and a remarkable musician. His band is stunning as well. Can't say enough about that show. 
Happy 90th Mr. Brubeck
Great musician indeed. 
Using headphone output from an intergrated amp
Davetherave is so right. Headphone amps make a huge difference- and I've owned at least 20, both tube and Solid State. I was convinced it was tubes only for me after much experimentation, then I met the Burson HA-160, which I own now. I'm just int... 
End to All Power Problems
Al's busy fending off Tippers lawyers right now. And Im with Macdadtexas- I hope this technology takes off as well. 
End to All Power Problems
The problem is the obsession with solar and wind, at the expense of other approaches. I've read about the Bloom approach...I just hope the greens don't reject it out of hand because it's a "fossil fuel".