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Phono Cable Breakin
So, can I just hook it up to my TV, which runs a good 12 hours a day or my garage stereo which I can run longer without using the tube life on my main stereo? Yes you can  
A ridiculously cheap cable riser.
Try some egg crate anti static foam, cut into 2 peak by 2 peak squares and lay the cable between the peaks. Often can be had for free.  
Martin Logan CLX ART
Have you tried them yet?  If so, impressions?  
Martin Logan CLX ART
The DSP with your preamp should help with the integration of the subs and the mains, like the CLX filters which compensate for the natural roll off of the mains. You also might want to check out the Martin Logan Owners website https://www.martin... 
Martin Logan CLX ART
I have a pair of CLX with  a pair of Descent i subs with the CLX filters installed.  No complaints about dynamics from me, but my days of listening at near concert levels are long past, speed and detail are impressive.  Make sure your room is larg... 
DH Labs
Difficult to beat from a price/performance perspective. If you are looking to impress others with high end (read price) cables these won't have the brand recognition (read ego boost) that some seek. Are their better cables out there?  Likely the... 
DH Labs
I have some Diety speaker cables, and am satisfied to the point where I'm not looking to make any changes unless I mover away from mono blocks. I have used many of their cables over the years from their digital, to interconnect, to speaker.  No c... 
Is there such a thing as a FOREVER DAC/streamer?
Back in the early 1980s when CDs were launched the marketing phrase was "perfect sound forever".  Advancements since then make that phrase seem somewhat humorous.  I think the same could be said of today's state of the art looking back from the fu... 
Why does rock concert sound suck?
Most of the concerts I go to I am wearing ear plugs these days, no need to aggravate tinnitus, I go for the show not the sound quality which is poor +90% of the time especially in the large venues.  No doubt there are exceptions  
Amp Internal Wire
I'm not getting into the debate over conductor material but would recommend Teflon for the insulator.  Why?  High melting temperature so less likely to damage it while soldering and then there is the whole low dielectric absorption thing.  
Experience with XRCDs
Have several, XRCD and XRCD 2, the sound quality is excellent. "I was expecting prices to come down, but they’re still expensive."  Agreed, even worse when you convert to Canadian .  
Anyone replace ceramic caps with film?
"Circuit designer select ceramic caps for a reason, in some place on the circuit ceramic caps is the best choice." Agreed, you need to understand the application.   As general rule of thumb, if in the signal path film is superior to ceramic, and... 
Michael Aday (Metloaf) has passed away.
RIP I always liked the cover art on Bat Out of Hell by Richard Corben.  I used to read a lot of the Heavy Metal magazine in those days, he was a regular.  
Phono input cap to preamp
There was an informative article in Audio Amateur n4/1980 on modifying the Hafler DH-101 you might want to look at  
Alan Parsons - The Fall of the House of Usher