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Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?
Now that cable upgrade can definitely get her to bed, and the footer on her knees. May be the new CD treatment can get her to do something kinky!!! 
Tidal Speakers owners
Just wanted to give you lucky Tidal owners a heads-up, been enjoying this thread immensely. 
Best Late Night Low Volume Speaker
Mentioning brand names will not make sense, as it will be the synergy that would please "your" ears.I would look into many highly regarded components, known for the above. Need to make sure you have good AC as well. Cables, isolation stands make s... 
Best Late Night Low Volume Speaker
The best bet would actually be the source and premap.Some thing that will have extremely low noise, superior dynamics and low level linearity. Amps that will give a heafty dose of power/current likewise. 
What Speakers to use in a bar/restaurant environment
Check out the reviews on the Nick and Eddie in MN. The key is "deliver a rich spectrum of sound that wonÂ’t interfere with dinner conversation" 
Digital Amps vs Solid State Amps
Are we talking about the "real" digital as in TacT or just transistor variation of the solid state? 
With $20,000 in your hand, what speaker would you
Acapella Violon MK IV ... usedA cut above the rest. Plasma tweeter makes all the difference. Perfect to pair with tubes.Heard it in a dealer's place, with an all analogue setup ... ah still remember the experience. 
Is There any Truly "High End" Integrated Amp?
Hello Flg2001,I tried to reach Gyphon, they do not sell in the US and were quite abrupt about it. Regarding Rowland, I believe its classD, which (other manufacturers) I've tried and am looking for a different approach to amplify music. Jadis: I ha... 
Is There any Truly "High End" Integrated Amp?
I'm lurking around for a true high end integrated, ended up narrowing my search to the following:Burmester 032,2,10Vac Alpha Diamond serieshttp://w... 
Best high end monitors?
Oops, did not get the name in my previous post: Manger zero-box 109s are used by world renowned recoding studios. 
Best high end monitors?
These are the perfect transducer for 150Hz-35KHz. The speakers are so accurate, they are used by prominent recording studios to point out the recording mistakes of others (amateur). 
Best high end monitors?
Looks like a derivative of tweeter, probably many times more reliable, since the old lineaum tweeter did not last long and had problems with distortion. As this company had 2 patents on the tweeter,they did make a headway with the technology. 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
"Acoustically transparent"Is there a reason why there is a cover over the drivers? 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
Looks like all ohms have a thick metallic grill around the driver, does it not hinder the sound? 
Omni directional speakers
Error in my previous postOmnimon from rountree