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Sad news for VPI - from their Facebook page...
Dear Weisfield Family,Our thoughts are with you...The Staff at Dedicated Audio 
Hello. Many of our customers use the Wadia 171, Cambridge Audio DacMagic, to an integrated amp like the Cambridge 650A to Dynaudio X12's. This makes for a good system without breaking the bank. 
Wadia 151 + Dynaudio X12... what speaker cable?
Kimber Kable 4PR with Sban would be the most affordable combo 
Wadia 151 + Dynaudio X12... what speaker cable?
Disclaimer. We are a Dynaudio, Wadia, Ocos DealerIf the Ocos One is within budget, this is the best choice. How long are you considering? 
Looking for ac outlet with no sonic signature
Of the many we offer, we have found the Wattgate 381 Gold the be the most neutral 
Speakers for Bryston
We pair the Bryston in our showroom with Dynaudio with great results, especially the Confidence/Contour series. We are just receiving the new Focus series and are currently burning them in so can't report on this match, but I am confident it will ... 
Self-powered speakers: any good?
The Dynaudio MC15's or Focal CMS Series are ones to consider as well.disclaimer: we are a Dynaudio/Focal dealer 
looking for an "all in one" unit.
Disclaimer - DealerConsider the Cambridge Audio One+. This is a compact "all-in-one" system which will not break the bank. "One, a system which harnesses the convenience of your iPod with a fully-integrated micro hi-fi system. Punching well above ... 
VPI service problems
Dear DC - I'm sorry for your frustration.This is an unusual double failure. My suggestion is to call or visit the dealer which you purchased and have them assist you in correcting the problem. It is for what you paid. VPI communicates well with it... 
Audiophile Custom Plates...
MUSK...on our company Honda Element SC which is a great little UPS truck for local deliveries and pick-ups. Since it is shaped like a box - hence "MUSK" boxwww.dedicatedaudio.com 
Dynaudio Excite X16 vs. Dynaudio Focus 140
Hello Pinkus - the Focal Diablo is currently $12,000.00 pair and the matching stands are $2000.00 pairHappy Listening 
Dynaudio Excite X16 vs. Dynaudio Focus 140
Also PrdPrezBecause the tweeter was designed for the Excite 6 ohm application they are using a "Titan" designation for the Esotec2 Tweeter (but it is still an Esotec). 
Dynaudio Excite X16 vs. Dynaudio Focus 140
Dear Prdprez,We have nearly all Dynaudio speaker available for audition in our Loft. Regarding the "fun factor" I mention. The entire Focus line has been designed to play bigger and deeper than their cabinet and drivers should allow. This magic is... 
Cardas GR Biwired to double binding post
Disclaimer: Dynaudio and Cardas DealerHello - the biwire cables can be stacked but it is not optimum. Also, depending on the Dynaudio model, you may have trouble stacking the spades if your speakers are a Dynaudio model which have the clear protec... 
Dynaudio Excite X16 vs. Dynaudio Focus 140
Disclaimer: We are a Dynaudio DealerThe Excite X16 is a very linear loudspeaker and has no bad habits. It "plays well" with all gear and types of music as well as recording quality. As with all Dynaudio products, the X16 has outstanding build qual...