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Power Chord For Cambridge 640C v2
Consider the Shunyata Diamondback Platinum, too. 
Power Chord For Cambridge 640C v2
We have found the Cardas Twinlink to be a great match. This was designed for front end gear and low power preamplifiers. Great cost to performance ratio. 
Turntable interconnects.
The Cardas Golden Presence or Neutral Reference are great cables. We have found these to be most popular and requested with the VPI tables we sell.Cheers 
Connectors that convert spades to bananas?
Hello - you can use these too.http://dedicatedaudio.com/inc/sdetail/479The photo shows the front "nosecone" unscrewed forward so the banana portion looks short - it actually back-up against the center disc to capture the spade, thus exposing more ... 
Bel canto at CES
I believe it is a custom Billy Bags 
Anything like the Ayre CX-7e but with digital in?
Consider the Cambridge Audio Azur 840C - it has 2 digital inputs of SPIDF and Toslink each so you can use the on-board 24/384 dual DAC.CheersDan 
Fatigue reducing interconnect?
Check out the Cardas Twinlink/MicroTwin or the Cardas Quadlink. These will be a bit more musical and controlled. 
Any good equipment racks that are afordable?
The Solid Tech products are great price/performance products - be sure to fill the risers. 
Right Angle Connectors for DIY Power Cords
Hello - you can use this 90 degree Wattgate shell for all Wattgate IEC and wall plugs. Take note however, the actual plug must be purchased as well as just the rear 90 degree shell is included.http://dedicatedaudio.com/inc/sdetail/921cheers Dan 
shunyata PC on brystonSST B100?
Yes, we offer both Bryston and Shunyata so we have had the chance to experiment. The improvement is noticeable. The most remarkable difference is when this power cord is installed on the Bryston BCD1Cheers Dan 
reasonable power chords - work with Bat VK600
Hello, we have found the Cardas Golden Reference to be a clear winner with any of the BAT gear we offer. The 2007 CES Audio Oasis Award was presented using the VK600SE/Golden Reference combo. This cable has no bad habits and is priced right/perfor... 
Good CD Player for a Bryston B-60 Amp?
We pick the Cambridge Audio 740C with the B60 for our customers.Cheers 
Cool-running tube or SS amp for small room
The Bryston 2BSST runs really cool and can give you 100wpc 8ohm/180wpc 4ohm. 20 year warranty, too. Available in Silver or Black - 17" or 19" - Bryston amps are price increasing June 15.Cheers Dan 
Wadia 170i/DAC combo with AudioEngine speakers
Hello, the combo of the Wadia i170 - Cambridge DACMagic with your AE powered speakers will be great. The i170 allows you to bypass the onboard iPod DACS and use the superior upsampling Cambridge DAC. We have built a similar combo with the Kanto iP... 
Suggest speaker cable for long run...?
The OCOS cable will do the trick. By virtue of it's low capacitance, constant value impedance and effortless signal transmission, the signal remain pure, regardless of cable length. If you need a "long" cable run, this is it!