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sand versus shot in speaker stands
Hello, we have recently received the new Lovan Black Gold High Density Speaker and Audio Stand Filler. It is very effective and easy to use. It is not dangerous as lead, it does not absorb moisture as play sand and kitty litter. It is supplied in ... 
Dynaudio C4 speaker equipment matching
Disclaimer: we are a Dynaudio - Cardas DealerHello, To me, it looks like the situation you are experiencing could be the choice of cables with the choice of speakers. Customers have found the combination of the super resolution of the Dyn speaker ... 
cambridge 640 int.amp/player/ w/826v focal/cables?
Hello, we have found our customers to like the Cardas cables with these products.Happy Holidays 
Self-powered mini speakers for iPod
Be sure to consider the Kanto iPair 5 Audiophile Powered Speakers with iPod Docking Station and Remote. No amplifier is required since they contain their own 50WPC Stereo amplifier. 5" Carbon Fiber woofer with 1" Dome tweeter. Incorporates iPod do... 
Discontinued Usher speakers
Hello, we are expecting an announcment of a new model line in the very near future to fill the performance and price-point of the mentioned loudspeakers. We (and our customers) are looking forward too it. Stay tuned...DanDedicated Audio 
Dac's? anyone tried the new Cambridge Dacmagic-B
Good Morning, This is a great sounding piece. The DacMagic is due to arrive at the end of October. We have many on order and are looking forward to the arrival. This will be a tough one to keep in stock. Fantastic performance and flexibility at a ... 
Highly Recommended CHILL OUT CDs???
Hello, not in the style of Bliss, but Budda Bar, Chill out in Paris Vol 1 is my favorite of the Budda Bar Series. Be sure it is Vol 1 containing 2 discs - Chill and Burn. Currently out of print but available if you search. 
Speaker wire for 802,s
Hello, we have found customers enjoy the big, full sound of the Cardas Golden Cross or if you wish to added a bit more resolution, Cardas Golden Reference. Both of these Cardas products seem to help control the very efficient 802 tweeter.CheersDan 
Cardas Golden Cross Power Cord...
Hello, your choices are perfect. We use these combos all the time. The 840C will be great with the Twinlink and the 840A is great with the Golden. The only other improvement would be the Golden Refeence with the amp.CheersDan 
Need help from Sydney, problem with Azur 840 c
As a Cambridge Audio dealer, I suggest you contact the dealer from whom you purchased (even though he is not local). They will assist you in your problem. If that is not possible, contact Cambridge Audio in Australia. Cambridge Audio is a great co... 
Amplifier for Avantgarde Duos
Hello, we have found the BAT VK55, VK75SE or 150SE monos to be a nice combo (with 150s - award winning combo - "best sound CES 2004").The VK55 sounds great but the 75/150 is a bit quieter.Cheers Dan 
Power cord for benchmark dac1
We have found the Cardas Twinlink to be the PC of choice with many DAC's, source and preamps. The Quadlink is our least popular model (not saying it is a bad cord, but un-shielded - the shielded Twinlink will be a bit quieter). Do not let the $130... 
Cambridge 740c or Rega Apollo with Linn and Sonus
The Cambridge 740C is a great piece with its dual DAC's 24bit/384 clock speed. Once it settles in, very musical without loss of detail. Also on the "Stereophile Recommended" list. 
Where to get protective cups for under spikes?
The Lovan Footer is a great product; available in black or chrome 
Interconnects for BAT
We have found the Cardas Golden Reference to be a great match with our BAT gear. If you wish even more zip.... Cardas Neutral Reference.Happy HolidaysDan