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Power conditioners .... improve VIDEO?
Running Springs Audio not only improves audio performance, they improve video as well. Let me know if we can help.Danwww.dedicatedaudio.com 
BAT Preamps, why such polarized opposite opinions?
We have found (and our customers) the BAT VK3iX to be one of the "best buys" in audio. It also can enjoy an upgrade path as budget and needs increase. Stongly consider this piece. It will match well with your current equipment.Happy Listening 
Vandersteen 5A barrier strip question
Hello Tony,You need the Cardas CCMS S spadehttp://dedicatedaudio.com/inc/sdetail/11739CheersDanwww.dedicatedaudio.com 
I can't find the answer, JMW 9 tone arm cartridge
Hi Dave, we have the weights in stockDan 
Need cdp power cord recommendations.
The Cardas Twinlink is killer for front end... this is one of those true winners at not a lot of money.Cheers 
Power Cord for Satellite Receiver
We have found the shielded Cardas Audio Twinlink or Twinlink C7 to be a fine performer. 
PC for a Running Springs Audio Haley?
Hello Bradz, The Running Springs Haley responds best with the non current limiting, non coloring Running Springs Mongoose ($600). It is intended for this unit. If this cable is a bit out of reach, our customers have found the Cardas Cross ($265) t... 
Best Balanced interc. cables for powered monitors
Be sure to consider the Cardas line of products 
Quality universal player that reads scratched DVDs
Our showroom Cambridge Audio 840C has yet to be stumped, however it is CD only. 
Record Cleaning Machine Fluid
Dear Birdman,Record Research Lab Deep Cleaning Solution - Super Record pre-cleaner. Concentrated formula for deep cleaning of new and old vinyl. On new or soiled LP's, use the RRL Deep Cleaner first and then follow/rinse with the RRL Super Vinyl W... 
Postive or Negative Results -Big Amp & Conditioner
Hi Joe,The Running Springs Duke will protect your amps via propritary RSV's and resettable breakers. They also voltage stabilize via a large propritary capacitor bank without current limitting or adding coloration. 20amp/2400w inbound current = 20... 
VPI cleaning machine parts
www.dedicatedaudio.com stock VPI parts as well. 
Office speakers?
We have found the Usher S520 to be an excellent near-field loudspeaker. They are front ported (can snug them close to the wall), shielded (for monitor protection), mirrored tweeter arrangment, stellar build quality and excellent tonality. As a mat... 
Good tube amps to consider wit Spendor S5e
Check out the Balanced Audio Technology VK-55.Dan 
Shelter 501 II Tracking Force
You are on the edge, if you track at 1.8 gram and all is well, hang loose. If you notice big woofer movement on warped LP's, you may want to consider the 3 gram weight. We have it available.Danwww.dedicatedaudio.com