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Speaker cable suggestion for new system
Look at Dimarzio cables. Also consider buying used; people are always selling their cables and they are so much cheaper. 
worse entertainer or performer of all time??
Vladimir Horowitz, who ever told him he could play piano?!(just kidding) :) 
Smallest Amp To Use for Laptop System
You might check out the cmoy amps. Chu Moy put his design in the public domain, so several people on ebay, etc. sell them, often in mint tins for around $50. Talk to them about your specific needs. 
whistling in the ears
You could have an ear infection that you are unaware of, tinnitus, or something else. You should see a physician, preferable an ENT specialist. I would not delay. I don't think God punishing someone with hearing loss due to a lack of belief is iro... 
Cable Elevators
My understanding is that the weight of the cable literally "squishes" (yes, that's a scientific term) the electrons beneath the cable, pinning them to the floor and sometimes actually buising them. Would you want to bruise your electrons, I surely... 
Cable Elevators
Elevators have substantially increased PRaT. A 4 minute song now plays in just over 3 minutes, 14 seconds. The highs are easily 2 octaves higher. As for the lows, they are so low I can no longer hear them. I had never ever heard my music sound lik... 
How to reply to questions about stereo cost?
"I don't sell black tar heroin on the weekends for my health." (From Viridian)That's the best one! Thanks.What's with Americans always asking what everything you own costs? It's so tacky and rude! 
Tonearm relative to Plinth alignment
I agree with Bdgregory. If you can rotate the arm without changing the distance from pivot-center to spindle-center, that would work. But it is only an aesthetic issue! The outer edge of the plinth could be cut at any angle and this would not affe... 
Tonearm relative to Plinth alignment
The only relevant parameter in locating the tonearm on the plinth, is the distance from spindle-center to tonearm-center. At the correct distance, the tonearm can be located anywhere around spindle. If the tonearm is not parallel with the edge of ... 
What Record Clamp for LP12?
J.A. Michell clamp was the lightest I identified. One problem is that you will likely need to stop your table each time you change LP sides--unless you don't mind adding ALOT of rotational torgue at each record flip. I finally decided not to buy/u... 
Should I replace my LP12?
There is a new Linn platter currently being auctioned on ebay with a buy-it-now option of $380. I, too, would keep your turntable. You can radically change its sound, it you want a change, by changing cartridges.