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Canare 4S11
Why are multiple audiophiles reporting that they are using the inferior version of an already inexpensive cable? Why go with 4S11 instead of 4S11G? Is it availability? Not knowing?  
Sonus Faber vs Wilson
The Wilsons are far easier on the eyes in my book. Only 3 steps? Boxed up, a simple hand truck will do. To get them to your steps, rent a box van/ truck with a Tommy gate from your local by the day truck rental company and call it done.  
I feel bad for GenX'ers that missed out on the 60s and 70s.
I would read your post to my 15-year-old, but then I would have to hide the fact that I’m spending time on here. He would laugh at who you are and how you sound, but then I would be embarrassed to be affiliated with a group that has such low stand... 
Bass sensation like a loud car system in home?
I can't understand why anyone would want "car sound" in a home... The home system SQ is SO far above any car system I've heard. I started bi-amping my car systems in 1976, but none can come close to what the home system sounds like. Good home subs... 
ORANGE Fuse rejected
@Georgehifi     Considering most of the personal/private reviews on fuses say they need burn in time, it might be wise to consider that it is, at this point, a logical extrapolation that the fuse has bent or stretched to a point where an optimal e... 
ORANGE Fuse rejected
Are you prepared to offer it for sale? I’ve yet to ever try a fuse. Might be interesting to give it a shot. Maybe it’s not what you want, but it might work a miracle for a different system.  
Speaker magnets
Plus 1 on weirdness and magnets. Can be very creep and/or surreal. Normal stuff like a fire truck using its flashing lights (no sound) and coming up the mountain road right by you, seems like a religious experience. But at least you realize why it... 
Mix and match subs?
Just got back in. Using Paradigim on the surround sound setup for my footboard based second bedroom system. Center channel and bookshelves in all white. Using a Boston sub and HSU 15” sub for that setup. Really love it. That HSU sub also serves my... 
Cable Goop Review George is going to freak!!
Alas, true snake oil. If only it didn’t cost so much to get bitten.All very serious jokes aside, it reminds me very much of Arctic Silver and other such fully necessary thermal compounds required to install a CPU properly. Various claims are made ... 
CD Quality Versus Streaming Quality
I’ve kept my CDs. Starting to find out it was more than just too many very heavy boxes to deal with, but the actual treasure they once occupied in my mind.  
The stereo sounds fine, music is great, but Jeff Bezos came back to earth.
I was using the Amazon shopping app when I saw a clip of Bezos thanking Amazon customers and employees for making it all possible. Being a former employee, he was covering all the bases as well as the basis for the truth, as I know it to be. Yet, ... 
Best sub for music,
2 HSU Research VTF 2 Mk 5. Driver is 12” front facing. Variable tuning (ported, dual ported or sealed), defeatable crossover, EQ settings to match port configuration and a nicely operating auto on mode that you never notice One wasn’t enough, alth... 
An Urgent Hypothetical!
You’re going to have to go on looks and fit alone. What will you miss looking at the most, is what stays. The heart should follow the eyes, and the ears have already been captured by all. So go with that. Being that you have seen fit to accommodat... 
Lindemann vs Theta vs Krell
What are you running now?