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Best DAC’S $5k to $15k
I’ve tried a few and the ones that sound most non fatiguing and natural to my ears are the Audio Mirror Toubadour V and the Merason DAC1 latest version. I use both one in my main system and one in my office system. Speakers are Dali Epicon 8 and F... 
what's a good Gan / Class D option under 3k? Nilai or Ncorex500?
Hifi Rose 180 or the newer smaller one they just came out with.    I have the 180 in one of my secondary systems and it sounds good. Lots of connectivity options and even tone controls.   
Audio Mirror Tubadour V
@nwres Definitely a case of "more can't hurt". I tried pairing the GAIA DDC with the Okto DAC8 and that too yielded improvements.  
Audio Mirror Tubadour V
I would say 15-25 mins warmup is enough.  
Excellent Solid State or Hybrid Monoblocks Recommendations
There's a pair of Pathos hybrid monoblocks on USAM. I personally have the Pathos Adrenalin monoblocks and the Pathos Synapse pre. These may be out of your budget range but the Pathos Inpol for sale on USAM would be within you budget. Pathos has ... 
Gallium Nitride GaN Class D Amplifiers
I recently purchased a Hifi Rose RA180 that I have paired with Focal Diablo Utopia standmount speakers and an SVS sub. It also utilizes GAN transistors and had some interesting features such as bi-amping capabilities, BTL mode for difficult speake... 
Audio Mirror Tubadour V
I forgot I had also auditioned the Chord Dave. The fact that I forgot about it shows that I was not super impressed by it at that time.  
New- HiFi ROSE RS130 Ultimate Network Transport
@tonyptony No volume control enabled. I've never tried DSD over DoP, only Native. Regardless, 99.99% of all the music I listen to are NOT DSD so I can live without it. Perhaps my own unit is defective or I didn't configure it properly, but as lon... 
Audio Mirror Tubadour V
@timski Before settling on the Toubadour V I had a Schiit Yggdrasil OG. I had previously listened to a Denafrips Aries (not sure which gen), a Weiss 204, a Gold Note IS 1000 integrated with DAC included, and a Mola Mola Makua pre with DAC included... 
Audio Mirror Tubadour V
I've had the Toubadour V for several months now and it is very satisfying. I have compared it with some other DACs and much prefer Vlad's house sound. I did ask Vlad to upgrade the fuse on mine for an extra upcharge. Highly recommended. Punches w... 
DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system
An out of the box suggestion, look for preowned Audio Mirror Toubadour III or Toubadour IV DACs. They punch way above their price range and give a beautiful analog sound. Vlad is very responsive and is always available for upgrades and repairs. Ha... 
New- HiFi ROSE RS130 Ultimate Network Transport
@tonyptony I stand corrected. The RS130 can do DSD when using I2S. But not through AES/EBU or USB. At least not with the curent firmware. Maybe it gets fixed and you can do DSD through USB soon as well.  
Why do I prefer R2R over Chip based DAC's?
Contact Vladimir at Audio Mirror and see if you can snag a pre owned Toubadour III or IV that someone may have traded for the V. It will fit your budget and given you a great tune sound. He’s very responsive and can upgrade the components as well.... 
New streamer
@bill_k I believe I need to investigate further. I have 3 DACs currently - Audio Mirror Toubadour V, Okto Dac8 Stereo, and Schiit Yggy OG. I was looking at getting the Cen.Grand DSDAC Deluxe but didn't know if it would be a good match. Another pr... 
Meitner MA3 vs Mola Mola Makua with DAC installed vs Cambridge Audio Edge NQ
@questforhifi Hifibroker.com based out of Spain I believe.   https://hifibroker.com/pre-amplifiers?product_id=951