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Sonatina II spikes and stability questions:
I have Sonatina I's and have installed new spikes with good results. Check out the link. There is also a company that sells outrigger straps that will give your speakers a wider footprint. Not sure of the name.http://www.oregondv.com/2150spike.htm 
Building a dedicated room
Check out this link for ideas ...http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue7/maroom.htm 
Soundstaging and imaging are audiophile fictions.
Soundstaging and imaging are words used to describe stereo playback systems, not live performances. 
How does the Day -Sequerra FM Reference rank ?
Before deciding on a tuner, check out this site:http://www.fmtunerinfo.com/index.html 
Where do you start your cable upgrade?
First, upgrade the power cord that came with the unit. This cord is usually a crummy $2.00 item, sometimes 16 or even 18 gauge. Then move on to the source interconnect, power amp interconect, then speaker cable. 
Aleph 3/30 Owners: What preamp do you use?
Why an Aleph P of course ... 
Where do I go from here??
I have the same speakers and use a Pass Labs Aleph 3 with a Pass labs Aleph P .... the combo sounds great!! 
what's my problem?
get rid of the monster cable interlink 400, it is about the worst interconnect on the planet ... just about anything will sound better .... upgrade the power cord on the amp too ... also give the amp more time to break-in ... 
jolida, cairn, music hall
I have been a Cairn Fog (with upsampling) owner for about 8 months now and really like it. It replaced an Audio Research CD2. Checkout this link.http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/cairn/fog.html 
What's the best
yes, you can unscrew the feet, all of the gear I had, have the bottom panel threaded or the nuts are welded to the inside of the bottom panel or you can leave the feet in place and only use 3 cones, 2 in front, just inside the feet and one in the ... 
Hubbell 8300
There are some relay based preamps that won't work with isolated ground outlets. The Pass Labs Aleph P, I have, is is one. 
Shipping/packing-what's the standard for pre & CD?
Seller has original boxes and thinks that this packaging should be sufficient and that FedEx 3 day would be better handle the packages than UPS or FedEx ground. Agree? Disagree? ... 3 day at a absolute minimum, at this price range and quality of g... 
Silverline Sonatina's or Coincident Victory...
I have used a 2A3 SET amp with Sonatinas and you won't get low growling bass. You do get realistic bass as long as your room isn't too big and your choice of music is not too demanding .... I found the pair very seductive and refined ... no loud r... 
A suitable power match for a pass labs X2 pre?
Go with the Pass amps for sure. I have owned the Monarchy SM 70 Pros, and while they are good amps, they are not in the same league and have some issues. They each require an aftermarket power cord to sound their best and they have too much gain f... 
Haggemann phono preamp?