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When a budget speaker is preferred to a high end one...
how can you explain this? In this hobby cost doesn't necessarily equal quality.   
The greatest tweak ever?
Makes as much sense as the science behind $10k cables and $20k dacs, USB reclockers and audiophile switches , oh wait that’s who the video is making fun of idiots who buy into that crap.  
Songs that can be streamed at higher Res
Qobuz has Abbey Road 50th anniversary in 24/192 . Not sure about Amazon but that's one you could compare if you have the CD in 16/44.  
Where to go from here?
Is this for music only? If it's for streaming music I agree with the previous comment by jjss49.  If you want to keep the amplifier maybe get a Matrix miini I pro a streamer DAC with volume control.   
Etheregen - doesn't seem right that it gets so hot, dangerous? Unpredictable?
Get a 5 port netgear, tplink or linksys and forget it. I've been using a netgear for years inside a cabinet and can handle it whenever I want. Worrying about switches in home networking is straining at a gnat.    
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
No one brand in particular but I would say active speakers in general, particularly with DSP controlled active crossovers. I still listen to passive speakers but they are a poor imitation.   
Do Recording Studios Use Silver Cables
Call some Pro dealers like Sweetwater and ask for silver cables. Get back to us with how many you found. For extra points do the same with manufacturers of pro equipment who use silver where copper would suffice. That should keep you busy for a wh... 
The Future of Hifi is just being Discovered
And I, for one, welcome our new A I  overlords.  
Anyone have Warfedale Linton 85th anniversary?
My measurement looks more like Stereophile’s . I only did a few preliminary measurements, my plot is only an average of 2 positions. I’ll get more into when I have time. You’re right I’m not going to plug the ports, I prefer the rise below 200hz i... 
What do you consider the most when choosing a pair of speakers?
Nice response. What’s the smoothing on that graph? 1/6 smoothing, that’s the average of 2 measurements, left speaker,  right speaker, centered on listening distance at 8ft with laser rule, no EQ.  
What do you consider the most when choosing a pair of speakers?
Any speaker could be equalized to achieve a response like the one in that graph. What is your point? I thought you were out building brick speakers?   
Anyone have Warfedale Linton 85th anniversary?
His HF start  rising at approximately 5K mine at 10K, he is measuring On Axis I'm not.   Sorry for not adding all that with the original plot. No two are going to look alike. I also have mine close to the front wall. I could seal the ports or move... 
Anyone have Warfedale Linton 85th anniversary?
I didn’t see Erin’s in room response. I saw his spinorama data. There is an estimated in room response. Perhaps he did some, I know he has in the past. I see what you’re referencing I believe those are taken at 1 meter. My measurement is without ... 
What do you consider the most when choosing a pair of speakers?
Measurements do the weeding, how it sounds to my ears is where I end , not start.   
Anyone have Warfedale Linton 85th anniversary?
Here’s my Warfedale In room average. As you can see it needs some tweaking below 200hz.  But they really sound great the way they are.