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Cable Snake Oil Antidote
“...nobody has felt a need to fill their niche.” They would if they could.Dave 
Cable Snake Oil Antidote
"Even Theil (sic) went out of business." Classic disiformation in the context of this discussion. Thiel went out of business because after Jim Thiel died his partner cashed in by selling to a group of clueless financial investors who summarily dis... 
Aurender and Tidal hanging up
Hi All, Aurender technical support contacted me and said they are ready to investigate the issues (much like Keith - Conductor App freezes and Tidal dropouts) I have been have experiencing, seemingly made worse since installing the latest software... 
RE: Suggestions for Tidal Streaming problems caused by Internet Connection Problems
Keith,I have had continuous problems with Conductor App freezes when streaming Tidal since installing the latest software on my N100H. I turned in a ticket and Eric responded with an offer to “downgrade it to the previous version”. I was hoping th... 
Synergistic Grounding Block and Tweaking it.
Bill,I think experimentation is the order of the day re: where to connect grounding wires.I am excited that you are delving into this. We will all likely benefit from your experiences with this project. Dave 
Synergistic Grounding Block and Tweaking it.
Ozzy, I found the effect of the Passive GB subtle in comparison to the Active GB. Even changing tuning bullets on the power cord included with the Active GB has more effect on the sound than the Passive GB alone in my system.I suspect that Bill is... 
Synergistic Grounding Block and Tweaking it.
I originally bought the SR passive grounding block and followed by getting the Active version. Two SR HD grounding cables were part of the latter deal (one with the RJ-45 connection for my router/modem and one with a RCA connector for my DAC) and ... 
We Need A Separate Forum for Fuses
clearthink,America has enough problems without being blamed for the likes of georgehifi. Please get your facts straight before launching your next inappropriate assault on the US.Dave 
Aurender N10 or Auralic Aries G2 (+ Auralic G2 Master Clock)
Which Aurender model did you own sfseay? 
Oppo Gone - Now What?
The $200 Sony X800 has impressive heft (8.5 lbs) and build quality (rigid steel shielded sub chassis) with 4K video and audio quality on par with the 203 according to reviews. Plays SACD and DVD-Audio. No analog outputs though, so SACD/DVD Audio/B... 
Uptone Audii ISO REGEN and Aesthetix Romulus DAC/CD Player
“... these things are system dependent...try before you buy.”  Perfectly stated melm. The better digital sources and DACs may not benefit from these. IME with the ISO Regen/LPS-1 between my Aurender and Exogal Comet Plus, sound quality suffered. Dave 
Chinese products
Hi tablejockey,I did indeed purchase a Terminator and am thoroughly impressed with it. So effortless and yet with resolution and fidelity that exceeds anything I have previously experienced. I wholeheartedly recommend it.Re: streaming, I was at th... 
SW1X Audio Design DAC II Absolute Top Tier Ref NOS DAC
Superbly written review, wig. Congrats on owning what I am sure is a top-notch DAC. Enjoy!Dave 
Ideas for my next DAC....?
The OP was very specific in his requirements and the Oppo Sonica meets only one of those three regardless of its sound quality. Do people even bother to read the original post anymore or just view every thread as a vehicle to tout their favored ge... 
Ideas for my next DAC....?
Excellent suggestion David.Dave