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How Much Have Turntables and Arms Improved in 35 Years
Some arms like the SME V have not changed since first released in 1987.I guess they never felt the need.Turntables have vastly improved in the last 35 years. 
Covering a TV behind your speakers?
If you mount the tv on the wall the audio soundstage will be in front of the tv screen.Mount the tv on a stand about a foot or so behind the speakers and the audio soundstage will blend with the video picture.This will give a more realistic movie ... 
Why don’t tube amps sound like tubes anymore?
Because the extreme high end wants a certain sound and imaging that has changed over the last several decades.The current trend is:Exaggerated high frequencies and etched sound = "detail", biting unnatural attacks = "fast transient response", and ... 
Your "Best of..." audio manufacturer in each state
MN is Audio Research, Magnepan, Atmosphere, Tri-planar, AVA, and NBS (cables). 
Better Pass Labs amp - Pass Labs 30.8, XA25 or 150.8
I have heard all three and prefer the XA30.5 and XA60.5.Warmer and smoother.YMMV! 
Equipment Warm up, but What About Listener Warm up?
Mindset and mood greatly effect musical enjoyment.Bad mood and you will have a poor musical experience.Good music can change your mood and mindset. 
Best DAC for SONY SCD XA5400es
The Sony 5400 was listed class A+ by Stereophile when it was current. dCS at $100k was also listed A+ at the time FYI.I own three and love the warm analog type sound.Could not be happier .Still great today IMO, and can not be beat, without spendin... 
The quest for sound vs. music
Highly evolved systems over time and experience, give you sound you like most.After you reach a plateau, just relax and enjoy the musical experiences of great sound.No need to further obsess over equipment. Today’s equipment is all you will ever n... 
6H30 tubes vs the others
I have used 6922/6dj8 and variants with many older ARC preamps and never noticed microphonics. They were the “golden era’ of ARC Sonics IMO.I buy from good sources on the internet.I much prefer the large spectrum of tonal balance over 6h30 which s... 
What ICs do owners of Pass gear like?
Cardas golden cross RCA to Xono MarkerTek Canare quad star pro balanced everywhere else. 
Power Conditioner: Isotek, Audioquest or other?
I use two Chang Lightspeed CLS 709 powerline filters that have surge protection.One in my main system and one in home theater.Will connect 2 power amps, analog and digital equipment.Very effective at noise reduction and improving picture quality.I... 
Suspended cables
Just raise the cables above the power cords to reduce noise pickup.Raising above the carpet does nothing. 
New tubes...far more power??
What is the brand and model of the tube amp?Yes! Tubes break-in and age during the first 50 hours of use.Davey f you must be a tube novice IMO. 
Best cartridge for very old worn vinyl
Old worn out vinyl will wear out most any cartridge very fast vs clean vinyl.Use a cheap cartridge! 
Albums that you listen to straight through / start to finish whenever you put them on!
Playing the entire album is typical of pre 80’s Lps.They were ether all good or all crap, and I tossed the crap Lps.