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Acoustic Research D240 RCA Jumpers
It is AUDIO Research not Acoustic Research!The Cheap RCA connectors "Shorted" will work just fine! Check and compare the GAIN (dB) or "Sensitivity" (Volts-in Vs output) of each amp to find the relative output Watts (volume) into the speaker for ea... 
RCA Living Stereo SACDs - USA or Austria origin??
SACDs are no longer made in USA.There is no sonic difference between USA and Austria madeRCA living Stereo SACDs. RCA is defunct, and has been sold off years ago, and all their recordings went to the current owners. 
What kind of oil to use for Oracle Delphi
You probably need the Oracle maintenance kit which includes special bearing oil, belt, springs, suspension parts, etc.That gives you a complete rebuild to original specifications.That is the way to go IMO! 
Blue Point Specials are "cold" and "edgy" sounding IMO, on any type music.Buy a Denon D103. They are about the same price, were the "standard" MC cartridge on FM stations, are "not" picky to setup, and have been best buys forever! 
Preamp to mate with Pass 30.5
Buy a used Pass Labs X1 or Xono (for phono)!You will not regret it! 
XLR cable for basic beginner
Try MarkerTeK Pro cables very cheap, but very good!Search GOOGLE!I use them in my $30,000 system, and the pro recording engineers do too! 
stylus condition and maintenance
Just use them!They can last a very long time, however you must learn how to setup the turntable, arm/cartridge and stylus cleaning, which can be tricky!Just judge the quality, by the sound of your system, and relax!You may be on a LONG enjoyable t... 
What is the point of point source?
In a concert hall you generally do not sit very close to the group, and the sound wave is closer to a plane than a point source! 
The Great Vinyl Debate
@Tzh21yI agree that most new vinyl is digital sourced and sound poor.Arm/cartridge setup is critical, and I personally hear "NO" inner groove distortion on any records. You do not know proper arm/cartridge setup! 
VPI JMW 12.5 replace tonearm wires
Why do you want an "upgrade"?It is at totally messy job requiring complete teardown of the arm.VPI knows best! I like the older Discovery wires, but VPI now uses Nordost which they must prefer. 
High Powered Wireless Network for Audio
Use a Ethernet cable connection instead of WiFi! The cable is cheap and no powerline interference! 
High End Audio and Your hearing as you get older
Absolutely Not! 
Maggie 20.1 and Marchand XM-44
The Marchand crossover is junk compared to the Magnepan 20.1!I suggest the Pass Labs XV-1 Crossover. 
vpi classic -phono cable
How about the VPI phono cable?They have a 2 meter length one. I use their 1 meter phono cable and they are great! 
Adjusting SRA using macro lens vs microscope
@DougdeaconThe cutter head is consistently set at 92 degrees on almost ever record cut. The proper SRA will yield excellent play back on 80% of all records. Best results only will be obtained with an MC cartridge on Panels (Magnepan) or electrosta...