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What vintage Technics tables are best?
I own a Technics SP-25 with stock base, and although the mat is poor, the turntable seems to hold up to the SP-10 mkII well. It clobbers the 1200 series and can be bought used for much less. 
Moving from the Magnepan 3.6 to the 20.1
The 3.6 midrange driver is larger than the 20.1, and IMO they have superior sound, discounting the lower bass response!I do not care for having magnets on both sides, in the push-pull configuration. 
Amp for Magnepan 1.7's
I suggest an Odyssey Khartago stereo power amplifier. They are not too expensive, but definitely high end. The PASS Labs x150.5 is also great, although much more expensive. The amp must drive 4 ohms loads well(high current). Mate that with a good ... 
Overdue goose bumps
Another CD that gives goosebumps is "Tears of Stone" by the Chieftains featuring Mary Chapin Carpenter, Diana Krall, Natalie Merchant, Joni Mitchell, Sinead O'Connor, Bonnie Ratt, Joan Osborne, Lorenea McKennitt and many other great female voices. 
Anyone tried pro-audio XLR mike cable in system ?
I use MarkerTek pro XlR cables and they work great! They use silver soldered Canary Star Quad cable with Neutrik connectors and cost less than $15 each in 1 meter lengths. 
VPI SDS output voltage
Why not contact VPI with that question! 
Buy tubes from Audio Research or not
Buy "Perfect Matched" sets of Winged "C" (SED) 6550C tubes from The Tube Store (Canada).They are just as good as ARC's EXPENSIVE sets.I have used both in my ARC D125 power amp. 
Leach Super Amp
I owned the Leach LSR&D stereo amp back in the 80's and they sucked. Dry, cold sound! Leach does not believe in matching transistors.Pass on them! 
Those black boxes degrade sound?
Those "black" boxes on cables are usually low pass filters, cut off above 20KHz. They probably do not degrade the sound, if you only listen to CD playback, and not analog MC cartridges. But are they needed? I do not think so! 
Wyred 4 Sound STP Special Edition Vs. Pass X-1
The Pass Labs X-1 has won many awards. TAS golden ear and stereophile class A.How many has the Wyred for Sound preamp won? 
Bi-Amp Crossover Advice
Buy one "quality" amp to run the 3.6's! Bi-Amping is over rated.I have tried the Bryston and it is not a great xover. I also tried the expensive Pass XV1 and gave up! To Bi-Amp correctly you need two identical amps, because at the crossover point ... 
Why aren't new vacuum tubes as good as old ones?
The tube manufacturers of today have lost the "old formulas" for making quality tubes. The Russian tubes of today were formulated on "Military" tubes designed to keep Migs flying through "atomic clouds"! 
Benz MC Gold vs Sumiko Blue Point special
The Blue point special is "junk" buy the Benz! 
directional cables?
Grounding the shield on the cable at the "source" produces the least noise (hum). That is the reason for the "direction". 
Looking for better Power Conditioner than my Tice
Try the Chang LightSpeed line conditioners!They do not limit current draws and do not degrade the sonics in any way.Seem to work great on Power amps IMHO!