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"Mechanical" azimuth alignment is the only way to go if your arm has the capability!The diamond needs to be "visually" aligned.Set the diamond on a CD and look "head on" at the reflection of the tip, for correct azimuth alignment.The electrical "b... 
Rogue vs ARC
All these threads on comparisons or what is best is a matter of opinion. I am only relating my experience.Do not get "bent out of shape" over it like Audiofeil. YMMV 
Rogue vs ARC
Markwatkiss;Your response is the only sane one on this thread!I am an Engineer and very experienced audiophile for several decades.ARC has been designing World Class equipment since the 70's and has thousands of satisfied customers and many, many ... 
Sony SCD-XA5400ES-Best SACD for under $10,000
The Sony SCD-XA5400ES IMO sounds better than the $6000 Ayre or $8000 ARC tube CD player! 
Sony XA5400ES vs XA9000ES
DBphd:Weight has nothing to do with sound quality!The 5400 is a more advanced and updated version of SACD than either the SCD-1 or 9000, and sounds better!The SCD-1 has reliability problems!I have heard all the top of the line Sony's over the last... 
Benz LP cartridge distortion - any advise?
Audiofeil:This thread is an example of one!Why do so many used cartridge ads state "used only 100 Hrs"? 
Does Apple airport express work well?
Correction:Long "audio" cables have high frequency roll off!1000 GB ethernet cables routed through a house are a PITA, and give no advantage over "n" WiFi when streaming audio through an Airport Express or Extreme! 
Rogue vs ARC
The ARC is much superior to Rogue!Rogue sounds SS! 
Does Apple airport express work well?
It works just fine for me. The Airport express is the same speed as the extreme! I never get any interference or dropouts! The "n" spec is Very fast!You can stream HD video, and audio is no problem with the same speed!Long cables "roll" off the hi... 
Benz LP cartridge distortion - any advise?
The Benz Lp works best into a 47K load (no loading resistance)!If that does not work you got a "Bum" cartridge.Used cartridges with 100 hrs (????) are usually a rip off! 
Audio Research D240 MkII vs D130
The D240 MK II is much superior to the D130.I owned the D240 MK II for years. It was very good! 
Does Apple airport express work well?
Rbstehno:The Apple airport express is a router! It certainly can set up a WiFi network to support one to seven computers!The current airport express supports "g" and "N" standards.Wireless is the best way to go in normal sized house or apartments.... 
Magnepan 1.7
The 1.7 like the 1.6 has "poor" bass response!They only goes down to 40 Hz and drop off fast below that, even at high volumes.The Maggies are also a bad match with sub woofers because they do not "blend" well.Get a used pair of the 3.x series if y... 
The pivoted arm experiment is over
Your Experiment is flawed!Neither arm has an "Extreme" height adjustment for setting SRA on MC cartridges which is necessary for optimal sound!You do not know what the cartridge really sounds like and the comparison is only s "guess" at most! The ... 
Best System for Pink Floyd
Only a fool would build a system around ONE group!