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Phono preamp question
FYI: A passive preamp will not work with a phono stage to drive a power amp. A few mv from a cartridge is not enough to drive a power amp that needs volts. You will never get any volume doing that.Take a look at the input sensitivity of any power ... 
Phono preamp question
There is no guarantee that a separate phono preamp will sound better than the one you have now. I've had many full function preamps that had an outstanding phono section! 
Inherited 21 piece of vintage McIntosh and need help building a system
FYI: The 1700 and 1900 are receivers. They both include amp,preamp,and phono sections! 
Schiit Mani - Sent in for repair, no response. Looking for rec's on a replacement preamp
This should fit your budget. My friend has one and says it is great! 
Preamp w/ a budget of $2000
Check out Rogue Audio! 
Looking for a musical subwoofer @ $500>
" I’m going to call SVS in a moment, but in all likelihood they will want to sell me an SVS sub, so, with that in mind, any final thoughts? "What do you think they would try to sell you?? 
Amplification question - PrimaLuna Tubes vs. McIntosh Solid State
If you’re going to use the amp 8 hours a day 6 days a week you would be better off with McIntosh solid state!! 
Best indoor FM antenna, your experience.
+1 yogiboy There is no FM antenna that has a range of 50 to 80 miles. You'll be wasting your time till the cows come home! 
Oldest gear still for sale is . . .
How about Wharfdale circa 1932? 
Amp recommendations
@Kalali The OP wants an integrated amp. What Pass have you owned to make that statement? 
Amp recommendations
You just spent $15,000 for speakers. You shouldn’t go cheap with the electronics. Pass Labs is a brand you might take a look at! 
Knock your socks off loud!! 
Here you go! these! ear bleeders! 
Can anyone suggest a speaker stand that looks as good as the Grand Prix amp stands?
These might work! 
Best Subwoofer To Use With A Two Way Speaker System
Check out Rythmik!