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Grado RS1e vs RS1i vs original RS1 headphones ?
I have a pair of RS1's that I always thought were RS1i's...According to experts on head-fi, the RS1's are best but RS1e's are very good. The Grado amp is fine, but I have had very good results with tube amps using the 5670 tubes. Quinpumakes the Q... 
Which model Tannoy for my audio room
Today I checked in on the British site Pink Fish Media where a knowledgeable gentleman reminded the old rule of thumb thatif they fit through the door they will work just fine... 
Which model Tannoy for my audio room
The Canterburys have adjustable bass energy, and do a great job. You don't have to play them loud enough to overpower your room, but they will let you attend a concert! 
Decware CSP3 with Moon W5
If the output and input impedances work together it would probably work. In your system posting you refer to a friend using the W5, are you able to to try theirs, or the one you are considering buying? Lastly, have you asked Steve Deckert? 
Vinyl Recovery
I read that same viewpoint and took it as gospel... A fewyears ago I started thinking about how many times I had repeated playing lp's as a teenager and they sound fine now.If your records are clean and your stylus is not worn itseems to be a non-... 
Nottingham Interspace JR info
Contact Brian at The Analogue Room in San Jose, CA. He is the rep. 
Decware Torii owners: speaker recommendations?
After hearing Audio Nirvana at RMAF, I would recommend them. 
My wife passed yesterday
Chayro, I am also very sorry for your loss. It is a blessing that you have good strong memories of your relationship...She will always live in your heart! 
RMAF - Loudspeakers that you don't want to miss
I am a Tannoy lover, and they apparently will not be at RMAF this year either. However, Rockports are awesome and a local Omaha dealer, Sound Environment, is a Rockport dealer and can demonstrate Aviors and Altair 2's. If your schedule permits aft... 
Tannoy Westminster in DFW?
Have you contacted to check their distribution? 
Tannoy Kensington SE vs Magnepan 20.7
Very nice system! I listened to Music Room part 1 and will come back to hear the other YouTube posts later... Congratulations! 
proper Tannoy Canterbury room set up
I wire to the tweeter inputs and use the Tannoy jumpers to the bass inputs. Originally I tried biwiring and did not find it any better. 
proper Tannoy Canterbury room set up
Congratulations on a very wise purchase! My Canterbury SE's are similarly positioned to your Quads and sound excellent.One of my concerns was easy access to the back because I change speaker cable once in a while. I assume yours are new,so don't b... 
A True convert is born
Congratulations! It is very satisfying to reach such happinessat a very low cost... Enjoy! 
Nottingham Space Deck and Space Arm question?
Call Brian at The Analog Room in San Jose, CA.