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Tannoy Kensington SE vs Magnepan 20.7
Pardon my breaking in, but my experience is that if I use my SS Odyssey Stratos there is some hum that decreases when I connect that ground, otherwise very slight difference. It won't hurt. 
Tannoy Turnberry SE Imaging and Breaking In
My experience has been to put them a foot or so out from the wall. I used to toe in toward each ear but Jim Smith (Get Better Sound) taught me that much less toe in yields better imaging, so now I use about 10 degrees. You do not need to play musi... 
Tannoy WRSE Duelund Project
They are on my 'Lottery List'.... 
Best Speakers You Have Ever Heard In Your Home
My Tannoy Canterbury SE's. 
Do you indulge when listening to your rig?
I drink coffee, but when I listen to music that is what I indulge in! Otherwise, no mind-altering substances unless you count caffeine. 
Analog highlights of RMAF 2013
Hey Peter, the Saskia 2 was really awesome, paired with 2wpc Globe 50 monoblocks by Dave Slagle and Win's 1953 RCA L1 speakers. The people who care about music, not just hi-fi, have exclaimed about it. I am not aware of any analog setups which sou... 
Anyone attending RMAF 2013?
I am on my way, driving! 
Best vintage Tannoy for rock?
I have had Tannoy 12" Monitor Golds for 40 years in 3.3 cu/ftcabs, a lot of wonderful rock in smaller rooms. Three years ago I was able to move my system to the living room and fell in love with 15's. I now have Canterbury SE's from the Prestige s... 
The Audiophile's Wife no longer putting it out?
Grannyring, please give your wife my thanks for the amusement.Doug 
Memories........What made you catch the Audio Bug?
My Dad was an audiophile in the early days... He built Heath,Dynaco and EV equipment back in the fifties and sixties.I didn't appreciate it until I went into the Air Force in '66and then the bug bit hard. It's been a long road and I am very happy ... 
Need Help finding Speakers Budget 20,000 US
While the Tannoy Kingdom Royal lists for $55,000, the Canterbury SE's list right around $21,000 and will probably thrill you! 
Nottington Ace Space question, motor placement.
At the point where there is enough tension so the belt doesn't slip. It will look tight, but don't overdo it. 
Safe to play record with gunk?
If it were me, I would use a magnifying glass to inspect those grooves. If there was any trace I would consider using asmall drop of Goo Gone and a toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly and inspect again. If anything is still visible it may not dislodge at... 
where to go after Harbeth SHL-5
I vote for Tannoy Canterbury SE's if you can find the right deal, but it does happen. 
A good amp for Tannoy speakers
I wonder if the OP ever made a choice... 7 years ago!