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Tannoy Prestige or Living Voice
I have been a Tannoy owner for 40 years and thought that was true. When you line up so each tweeter hits your ears directly it is like a perfectly focussed photograph.. Last August I visited Jim Smith's Room Play Reference and he advised that with... 
Could they sell a high-end amp without the fancy
Please also take note of Decware Torii Mono amps at I have no affiliation except happy customer. 
A Paypal Offer - Is This Secure?
Paypal will be very safe as long as you comply with all of their stipulations for sellers, read all of them on the website. Also, make sure you understand how to get your money out of your PP account! Take plenty of pictures so there is no doubt a... 
Can a Prima Luna Prologue 5 drive early Maggies?
Thanks, you're right! I hope they continue working well for you. 
Can a Prima Luna Prologue 5 drive early Maggies?
The Prologue 5 will not accept KT-120's, per Upscale Audio. I love mine with KT88's but into 96dB Tannoys. 
Tannoy Westminster amp matching question.
Read about the Decware Zen Torii III. It promises the magic of SET with the power of PP, 25 wpc using el34's and special circuitry (point-to-point). Secure your order with a credit card but they will not charge you until it ships, approximately 3 ... 
Where is Guido Corona?
How about asking him to post what he is comfortable with, or at least a status update? 
Amp recommendations for Tannoy Canterbury SE
Hi WilfredtWhen you originally posted I had ordered a Decware Zen Torii MkIII amp and was anticipating using it. I had been using a pair of Bottlehead 300B Paramount monoblocks, wonderfully clear and musical 8.5 wpc. Very good until I wanted a hig... 
Avantgarde UNO set-up tips needed
You can also buy Jim Smith's book and DVD and do a very thorough job yourself... Excellent references for a lifetime! 
Who R U?
I am Doug and thought I answered this years ago... I am 64 and recently retired, widowed for 2 1/2 years. I ramped up my system to hopefully carry me out, in pretty good health so heck, I probably have a few good months left...:>)I really enjoy... 
Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking?
Tannoy Canterbury SE'sPrimaLuna Prologue 5Decware Zen Torrii III 
Help me buy some new cables....
I just found this thread. If you are still researching, for IC's check out, professional cables. Not fancy, but great quality, sound, and very inexpensive.For speaker cables, if your amp and speaker connectors permitusing bare wire ends, ... 
The Audiophile's Wife
Thanks, glad she is well! 
The Audiophile's Wife
I have been enjoying your wife's column for a long time and miss it now. Will she write again??? TIA. 
Looking to hear from Space Tech Owners. Tube amps,
I am not an owner, but this looks like an interesting line.I have Canterbury SE's, and have Bottlehead Paramount 300B's,Primaluna Prologue 5, and Decware Zen Torii MK III amps.The 8.5w 300B's are lovely and very good for most music until it gets c...