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How good is the Obsidian plinth of Technics SP10 ?
Hi dgarretson.  agree in the overall improvement factor, my micro seiki cu-180 had a bigger improvement on my SP10mk3 than the Stillpoints.       However, the Technics sitting on a 4" piece of maple may not be doing the stk feet or Stillpoints any... 
How good is the Obsidian plinth of Technics SP10 ?
  Stillpoint Utra's and V's work well in place of the stk do these in the link.  value for money is excellent. 
Highest detail cartridges
I have owned the Technics EPC-1000C mk4 for quite a few years.  Its very very good and ultra detailed with a ruler flat frequency response.  Easily the most detailed and best sounding MM I have ever heard.    the Lyra Atlas is top dog in detail re... 
Nature of Koetsu carts
rpm33imo your description is just about perfect.  I had a Rosewood a few years back.  I preferred my Denon 103R.  If you play lite jazz and female vocals, it might be good - but for dynamic music - no thanks.  Apparently the Stone Koetsu's are bet... 
SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth
@ ferrari275 What does the pure copper mats do sonically that are heads and shoulders above the gunmetal copper alloy's like the cu-180?   in your opinion. 
SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth
@rauliruegas Raul - as you know, nothing is for certain in turntables.  The MS cu-180 definitely sounds better than the thick or thin technics mat or any other mat I have tried - fits like a glove as well. With the Pioneer Exclusive P3, not so sur... 
SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth
Thanks best-groove.   That is not in Australia, but there are other copper cleaners - just a bit hesitant to use as don't want to remove the laquer finish, so will probably keep as is.  The Tenuto fits the SP10 mk3 and Pioneer P3 fine. Not as perf... 
Pioneer PLX 1000 ancestry
I also own Pioneer PLX-1000. Is it better than my SP10mk3 or Exclusive P3. No. But, in its own right, its a bloody good sounding turntable for folks who do not want cheap Rega’s, VPI’s, Project and alike. It will wipe the floor with these tables. ... 
SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth
@best-grooveHow did you clean your cu-180 without removing the varnish/laquer.btw - I have a Tenuto copper mat here at the moment. I am borrowing a friends while he borrows my SAEC SS300 
Technics Sp10 Mk2 vs SL-1200G - I finally did an A/B
Hi Pani.No, but I have heard good reports about it.  Do you have one?  please tell 
SL1200GAE New Tonearm
I love my Thales Simplicity II with my SP10mk3.  This coupled with the Lyra Atlas SL is sublime. 
Acoustical Systems APOLYT Turntable – The Revelation
thanks bluewolf.     I saw the table in person at the HK show two years ago and spoke to Dietrich for a half an hour. Unfortunately it was not playing music.    For those who have never seen the table, it is HUGE and everything seems to be industr... 
Technics Sp10 Mk2 vs SL-1200G - I finally did an A/B
In your above post, are you suggesting that Technics ought to offer the option of SP10R + plinth but no tonearm?@lewmHI Lew.  yes, Technics should offer the SP10R, new plinth and tonearm as separate items.  Many of us have different/better tonearm... 
Technics Sp10 Mk2 vs SL-1200G - I finally did an A/B
Paniseems like you methodology has been completely sound and fair to both tables. Very useful in you sharing, despite the nick picking from some. Does not surprise me as the SP10 has always been above the SL1200 in the past. Does not surprise me t... 
Replacing Lyra Kleos at end of its life need suggestions as to what next?
If you want a cart better sounding than the Kleos, but can't afford the Etna.Dynavector XV-1s.   superb cart.there are a few used ones on gon now.