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Great Experience with Feickert Protractor
If you want the best, Mint LP is easily the best. I own the Feikert, Acoustical Systems tractor and the Mint is the best by far. As long as you specify what alignment you want.  the Feikert is good for pivot to spindle measurements. 
Technics SP10 MK3 bearing and lubrication
This a very good question. Does it make a significant difference to the sound quality? And what does it in entail? My SP10mk3 with Thales Simplicity II arm and Lyra Etna SL is sounding pretty good, but always want more. 
Lyra Etna Versus Kleos
I own Delos, Etna SL and Atlas. I have owned the Kleos in the past, which to my ears is Lyra's weakest cartridge.  Stick with Delos until you can afford the Etna. 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
@rauliruegas Hi Raul. MikeL is now buying a 6 figure reproduced American Sound high mass turntable to be made by David Karmeli. He has a very good digital system, but he still prefers turntables. 
MONO cartridge recommendation
Audio-Technica AT-33MONO is very nice and a bargin at around $300.I feel no need to go up the mono ladder. 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
My EPS-P100ED4 has arrived and its set up on the SL1000MK3D.This sounds incredible and what I remember from the EPC-P100CMK4 before vdh did their re-tip. speed, neutrality and transparency. now - how long will it last? It is definitely riding a li... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
When vdh refreshed my 100c mk4 the only thing they did was replace the diamond stylus.    They did not touch cantilever or suspension.  I know this as the cantilever is still ever so not quite straight- very close but not perfect.  It was like thi... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Hey Mischa.  If he has more of them, I will buy another.  Not sure how I can physically check to make sure its original outside of the Technics packaging.  I do know how an original sounds thou.Cheers  
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
@chakster It is in transit - will be here next week. If the stylus replacement is dead, I will get my money back from paypal as it is being sold as new. You face this issue with EVERY old cartridge or stylus one buys - it may fail. My original EPC... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
I found a DODO and its incoming.  pretty excited to be honest.  NEW Rare Technics EPS-P100ED4 Replacement Needle for EPC-P100CMK4 
Clearaudio Innovation Wood or shoot for the stars Techdas AF 3
AF-3 table with Thales Simplicity II tonearm.       You will need to spend a LOT more $$ to beat this combo. 
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
Interesting video - interview with Technics head honcho. Hmm. The motor is the same as the current SL1200 except with an additio... 
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
Which Technics model ? SP10 mk3 with his own plinth. 
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
You will find in Japan, a lot of employees are at a company their entire working life.     It would not surprise me at all if one or two of the original SP10 engineers have had a hand in bringing this new R model out.  the dimensions are exactly t... 
A Copernican View of the Turntable System
Halcro, As far as I know JCarr was using a Marantz TT1000 DD as a daily runner. That is correct. There was a TT1000 for sale on ebay a few years back for local pickup only very close to me. He wanted a second one. I was going to pick it up for JCa...