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A Copernican View of the Turntable System
Very cool Henry.   did you get a decent price for the Herzan and where did your source it from?  I can pm you for ultimate details. 
SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth
Hi Chaksterthe EMT metal rack looks awesome.   please post picsI am using with my SP10 mk3 / Technics plinth with your MS cu-180 platter mat with Stillpoint V's threaded into the feet positions, on top of a granite platform isolated by compression... 
TTWeights closing their doors
There is a guy in Germany who sells replica ms cu-180 gun metal copper mats. They are supposed to be excellent. 
Conrad Johnson--does anyone use this brand anymore?
I love conrad johnson gear.  Currently own the GAT and looking at upgrading to S2.  Also own the premier 8A monoblocks with twflon cap upgrades.Buy with confidence. 
SP-10 Mat
Hi JBI bought a set of the isolation feet from Kridon. For the $$, they sound really good.Did you not buy the SL 1200 feet with the M6 screws on top - they screw directly into the M6 threads in the plinth. 
SP-10 Mat
Hi genesis.Got it.  that looks a bit better.when I googled TTM mat I got this pigskin mat Peter.might source one of these for my Exclusive P3 if the cu-180 sounds better on it when I try.cheers 
SP-10 Mat
chakster.   here is a nice shot of your cu-180 mat on the SP10 mk3.  It does look great on the table  
SP-10 Mat
Thanks Misha. I am content now :-)I am afraid I have zero interest in the pigskin TTM mat.   I tried the Jico leather mat and it softened transients.  They may to a good job in systems needing some refinement. . Using a clamp does a similar thing ... 
SP-10 Mat
Received the micro seiki cu-180 all the way from Russia. Talk about one end of the world to the other.  Thanks ChaksterAs good as the SAEC is over the stk rubber mat, the cu-180 is better.   Better inner detail.  Expensive, but in my case worth it. 
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
Hi MishaCome to Sydney for a holiday and bring your turntable.Yes, Chris is in Sydney.Cheers 
SP-10 Mat
I recently picked up a SL1000Mk3 and used the stk Technics mat.About 3 weeks ago I put on my SAEC SS-300 alloy turntable mat.  WOW - a lot better sounding - reduces a bit of bass blur and better clarity and attack across the board.   Funny, when I... 
Audia Flight FL phono vs Avid Pulsare
Accuphase C-27 has purity of tone and excellent dynamics. quiet as a tomb and each input saves the gain/loading etc. 
Vintage DIN phono cables, any good?
It depends.I have PIoneer Exclusive P3 and P10 and both din to rca tonearm cables sounded excellent.  I had to go to Nordost Tyr and Valhalla to better the sound.recently technics SL1000mk3D - the tonearm cable is very ordinary and beaten by $3-40... 
How good is the Obsidian plinth of Technics SP10 ?
Hi Tellefsen Something is not quite right if you are getting feedback from your turntable at any volume.   
How good is the Obsidian plinth of Technics SP10 ?
Hi Lew  Yes, that is the Thales tonearm.   The tonearms are easily swapped as you just remove the entire armboard by removing the 4 screws.  Hi Kong.  many many different plinth options for the technics. I am happy with the Technics mk3 plinth, ho...