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The best CD player with volume control
I have not heard several of the players under disucssion here, but to share my own experience: I evaluated the Wadias, both the 850 and 860, at home. I liked them a lot but didn't feel moved to spend what they cost. The salesman, so confident that... 
Pass Aleph amps with PS300 or PS600?
Wait a second...my Aleph 5 drew 300 watts at idle per the manual, as I recall. The half-as-powerful A3 does also? --Dan 
Pass Aleph amps with PS300 or PS600?
I stand corrected. Good to know the real story here. --Dan 
Your first stereo system
As a 15-year old in 1968, I bought a "package" system from Cal Hi-Fi in Mountain View, CA, consisting of a Dual turntable (changer) with Stanton 500E cartridge, some non-descript Fisher AM-FM solid state receiver, and a pair of their house brand, ... 
Speakers for Plinius 8150
Carl, www.paragonacoustics.com goes nowhere. What happened to Paragon? --Dan 
Pass Aleph amps with PS300 or PS600?
I can't comment on the sonic effects with an Aleph amp (used to hafve a 5), but it makes quite a difference with an X-150. I think there is a reasonable chance you'll be able to use the Aleph 3 successfully with a P300, along with your front-end g... 
Is SACD really this lousy?
mikeg--what is the Bybee mod on the P300? 
How can I measure power draw?
The Wattsup sounds like just the ticket. I'll get one and report back. Thanks. -Dan 
Power Plants PS300?
I have been wrestling with these issues myself. I tried my Pass X-150 with my P300 along with my CD player and preamp. The X-150 is spec’d to draw 200 watts at idle and up to 600 peak. The two front-end components draw no more than 30 watts apiec... 
Can speaker cables damage amplifiers?
I believe the issue is not that some amps oscillate with network cables but that some amps need to used with network cables to prevent oscillation. Hence the Spectral requirement to use MIT. Spectral is very high bandwidth, of the DC-to-light scho... 
How can I measure power draw?
Thank you both for your responses. I have the published specs on all of my components.The thing is, I don't believe them.The P300 will give you a readout of power consumption of the components plugged into it. My Pass amp is supposed to draw 200 w... 
Powersnakes and Power Plants
I have a P300 and a Black Mamba. I've been experimenting with different configurations for about two months now and still have not reached a conclusion about where to put the Black Mambe (or even if I like the P300 for that matter). The Black Mamb... 
Cardas cables
I upgraded from Cross to Golden Cross speaker cables several years ago after doing an in-home audition of the Golden Cross. My recollection is that, sonically, they are very similar in overall character. The principal difference was one of increas...