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MSB Analog DAC experience
As I'm sure you know, the volume control option can only be added when the unit is initially built. Even if you don't plan to use it, I think having it will improve the resale appeal of the unit, should that time ever come. 
Line Magnetic 755 vs AN/KSPe vs DeVore O/96
I loved the AN K's at the Newport show, driven by AN OTO SE Signature integrated, 10 wpc. 
Active vs Passive Pre amps
I have been on both sides of the active/passive debate over the years. I love the purity of passives and have never felt the need for more gain, or an expanded soundstage. On the other hand, I appreciate the added body, weight and drive an active ... 
What happened to Jfox
Grant,>Turned on the system tonight for the first time in about a year Does this mean that once you put your great system together, your interest waned in both Audiogon and in listening to your system? Yikes! 
Thinking of putting to rest ESL63 for Harbeth M30.
Can you have both in house for a while before committing, or at least before selling the Quads? Just to be safe. 
Mad Scientist "NEO" Power Cord Review
Ever heard of Google? 
JA Perspecitve Stereophile review
The sound is very good, not outstanding, as these speakers are missing the bottom 2 octaves (no pun) of bass.Bottom TWO octaves? Unless you are counting the 11Hz - 22Hz octave, something is wrong with your friend's set-up if these speakers are mis... 
Luxman 505UX vs. Luxman 550AX Integrated Amps
Comparison to the similarly-priced Ayre AX-5 would have been interesting. 
Greatest song titles..
Junior Kimbrough, "Most Things Haven't Worked Out" 
OPPO 105; how to beat it and at what price?
How will you use the Oppo -- to play CDs? As a DAC behind a server? As a preamp? Do you need the video? 
Wilson Benesch Square 5 and Square 3 speakers
Fidelis AV of New Hampshire have taken on WB distribution for the US. I heard both the Three and the Five at the Newport show last weekend but in two very different rooms. Impressive, especially the Five, which was stunning in the MSB room. I hope... 
Dunlavy ?????
The final iteration of the Aletha/Athena was the SC-III.A, which I own. The cabinet is a conventional rectangular shape but it's the same drivers in the same configuration. 
Aerial Speakers
Does anyone know of a dealer anywhere in the US who has the 6T and 7T available for demo? 
Speaker hum problem - need help
Nice system.Have you experimented with the inputs on the amp? How many are there and how many of them are in use? Does the hum change at all when you choose a different source? 
is oppo only bluray w/ hdmi in, stereo analog out?
The 103 does have HDMI in.