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Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
Beatles - In My Life. 
Turntable that will be around heavy foot steps?
+1 for geoffkait.  You are going to be unloading and setting up how much equipment?  You will need something light and easy to set up and adjust, IMHO.  Used a similar set up in my youth in a Vets Housing rental.  All wood buildings.  Used a washi... 
Death of Rock 'n' Roll
Try Nathaniel Ratecliff and the Night Sweats play 'Never Need to Grow Old'.  A rave up rocker, reminded me of hearing Hendrix or Seeger or Springsteen the first time.  I listen to Radio Paradise on the computer.  New or old music and anything reco... 
Image/soundstage and punch/bass
You might consider a pair of Magnepan DWM's, about 1700 or so for the pair.  200 to 40 hz to augment the MG12's.  Add 1 sub or two if you can.  I use 2 10s and a 12 to pressurize the room about 65hz.  IMHO opinion this helps the maggies bottom a lot. 
Amp or speaker issue?
Noise following the speaker indicates the woofer is most likely bad. 
How much do we at A'gon influence the industry?
I seldom offer an opinion, due to trolls.   I daily read Audiogon, and occasionally Home Theater Forum.  HTF seems to have the most honest reviews of equipment, imo.   That said, when researching new gear to purchase (used), i look on the internet... 
Could-care-less Manufacturers and Authorized Dealers Bash
I have had very good service with ESS Labs, Magnepan, and Parasound.   JVC required help from the bureau of electrical and appliance repair or CA BEAR as it is called. 
JC1 monoblocks / Maggie 1.7
POA6600s/Magnepan DWMs 
Dumb lo-fi question.
First encounter with stereo equipment was 1968, Yokuska Japan, building A33.  Every Japanese Stereo manufacturer was on display, clean, well lit.  They all had lots of knobs and switches, dazzling backlit displays.  The display stands  were large ... 
Are manufacturers having discussions removed from Audiogon if they turn negative?
I would like to thank each and everyone of you contributors.  I read all the posts, rarely comment.  @thecarpathian, thank you for your even handed responses, and bits of humor over the negativity.  Sold audio equipment in 1973, and still have so ...