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Do you care about car audio?
Put 20 years into making a living from car audio installations, 1970 to 1990.  When folks would ask to hear my car stereo system, had to explain to them it sat in my living room and not in a car.  High points, 1975 put a Kraco 8 track in a VW bug,... 
The Specials    Gangsters. 
All things being equal (hypothetical) which do you prefer, XLR or RCA?
XLR.  My Digital Amplifier Co amps only have an XLR input.  They are supplied with a proprietary RCA to XLR adaptor.  My shortest run is 15 feet. 
My NAD 3020 D proves your Class D tropes are wrong
Snapsc, hear...hear, I agree with you Tommy produces the best amps for my Magnepans and Martin Logans.  My first purchase was a used 4800A.  It was incredible good imho.  Next was a King Maraschino, used.  Then another King Maraschino direct from ... 
My System's Weakest Link - What Say You...
Signs. Signs. Breaking up my mind.  
Is louder better?
Cerwin Vega said it best in their 1973 and later ads, 'Loud is beautiful, if it is clean.' 
What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
Digital Amplifier Co King DTM, delivered today.  Magnepan 1.7i expected sometime in June. 
Is the appeal to euphonic distortion learned?
I grew up with tube radios and a Voice of Music tube large portable record player.  1953 until 1968.  Have owned at at least 20 different solid state amps since. Class A/B never seems to satisfy my listening.  I have one special tube amp and class... 
Your advice needed, speakers to buy $8K to $13K
+1 russ69 
Any good experience in discovering new music via TV or movie recently ?
The variety of music in Natural Born Killers.  Made me remember Patsy Kline. 
Amplifier brand/designer with the most unique and consistent “house sound?”
Digital Amplifier Company.  Tommy O'Brien's class D's are not an off the shelf module purchased from another company.  He designed the amps himself, and they do everything right.  Airy, soundstage, wide band frequency response.  I have two differe... 
The Wilt Chamberlain of Audio Gear
Until last year, I was on the hunt for big, beefy, 200 watt high current amps.  I also tried a lot of pre/pro gear from Krell, Meridian, Parasound and Proceed.  Finally Settled on class D amps and a nice Marantz pre/pro.  Ain't life fun. 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Sunset strip, converted movie theatre 1968.  Janis Joplin came on stage with Big Brother.  She sang two songs, puked and left.  Big Brother said go home shows over.   Same year Steppenwolf, I swear they forget how to play.  Everything they attempt... 
Ever wanted to know, what your phono cartridge sounds like dead flat??
Some sour grapes, might try Guiness Stout or 2 or 3.  Sounds like another well engineered unit from Technics.  Thanks for sharing George. 
The problem with Magicos
jet 88, isn't fly agaric known as the amanita muscaria?  Loose the box altogether go Magnepan.