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DCS and Aurender customer service
I concur with bsimpson 
Magico vs the world
Easy question... Wilson Benesch EminenceBut just to bring some here back to reality, there is no such thing as out perform, as that is completely subjective.  There is no 1, 2 or even 100 right answers.  And yet, they could all be right. 
Yamaha NS 5000
Im starting to have a bit of an allergic reaction here. 
Yamaha NS 5000
UM... ok. 
Yamaha NS 5000
This is a little like Goldilocks.NS3000 too smallNS5000 maybe too bigNS4000 hopefully just right You've been talking about the Yamaha speakers and Luxman amps for over a year... BUY SOMETHING!!! 
Lumin X1 or U1 + PS Audio DSD DAC
Yes, or you could do some research on the product itself.  They have a great website with lots of info. 
Yamaha NS 5000
There have been rumors of those for well over 2 years now. 
Lumin X1 or U1 + PS Audio DSD DAC
Yes, the X1 is a very well designed product.  You get a lot of benefits from having everything so well integrated in one chassis. 
Lumin T1 vs. SimAudio Moon 280d
Comparing those two, I would go Lumin.  Lumin has been designing and building incredible streamers for quite some time now... Simaudio simply wants a piece of the pie.  Go with the experts. 
Harbeth 40.2
Where did the post by D2girls go? Did she delete it??? 
Luxman d-08u vs berkeley reference 2 dac
Well glad I held off on the d08... I figured the d10 would land around $20 
Non-transferable warranties?
Manufacturers are not in the business of selling used goods... so why would they provide warranty for anyone other than the original owner?  If you choose to buy used, to save money, then you need to weigh the pros against the unlikely chance you ... 
Looking for best streamer without DAC under $3500
Not silly at all, the added flexibility may come in handy at some point. 
Looking for best streamer without DAC under $3500
Lumin U1 mini 
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
key word there is "most likely" or better yet, "potentially". Either way you cant quantify the sonic difference as a percentage, although I know just about everyone out there does. Comparing Bartok to X1... for me the X1 sounds considerably better.