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Recommendation on power amp
Off topic, but why so much hate against Audiotroy?  I have found their posts and experience quite helpful.  Especially when I agree with their assessment of certain gear that I have owned and lived with myself.  I think we need more experienced De... 
Luxman DA-06 DAC vs Chord Qutest/Hugo 2
^^^ What is that supposed to mean.  Either you know something or you dont 
PMC versus Wilson Audio
Where in Canada? 
Kinki Studio EX-M1
So you purchased it directly from Vinshine? 
Kinki Studio EX-M1
boy, maritime has sure changed his tone 
Magico A3 vs. Focal Kanta 2
I have a brand new pair of sopra no2’s for sale at $9600 shipped.  Cant be beat at this price 
I have a pair of brand new sopra no2’s for $9600 shipped if interested. 
Integrated Amp to match with Magico A3
The PM-10 puts out 400 watts at 4 ohms.  The A3 is a 4 ohm speaker rated at 300 watts MAX and is 88db efficient.  What makes you think you need more power? 
Who has Luv for the Lyngdorf 2170 and is thinking about the 3400.
I have a brand new factory sealed 3400 for sale if anyone is interested 
Job Integrated Amp.
$300 breaks the bank???  You need to get out of this hobby NOW!