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Bel Canto C7r vs Parasound Halo Integrated
Doing some research, looks like I should also be considering a Hegel H80?  I'm not familiar with this integrated, but there seem to be a lot of positive reviews out there. 
Bel Canto and Wyred monos
I've owned a few different McCormack amps. DNA 1.0, DNA 0.5 and DNA 0.5 with SMc upgrades. All VERY nice amps for the money.I don't remember which model, but I did try a Wyred. I found it to be a little too, for lack of a better word, soft. Meanin... 
NAD D3020 vs NuForce DDA-100
I have the NuForce in a second system, driving modified Klipsch Forte II's. They have the Ti tweeters & mids and modified crossovers. The Fortes can easily sound bright/harsh and have with a couple of ss integrateds. I can assure you, that's N... 
Remote for Audio Refinement Complete
I tried, with no luck, to contact Audio Refinement. It never occurred to me to contact YBA. I'll give that a shot.It is a very nice integrated. And considering the price, simply amazing! 
Norah Jones
Big fan! Beautiful music, beautiful voice. 
gallo nucleus 3.1 vs. vandersteen sig 3a
I went from 3a Sigs to Gallo 3.1's and never looked back. I had owned 2ce's, then 3a's, then 3a Sigs. The Gallos are just so much more dynamic and immediate. Plus, that tweeter throws quite the soundstage.Good luck 
ATC active speakers, anyone heard them?
FWIW, I briefly heard the larger 3-way active speaker, don't know the model. It was at a neighbor's, of a good friend of mine. I was blown away by the dynamics and for lack of a better word, "realness". I would agree with Soix, that the ones I hea... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
I also drive a Passat. It's a 2002 GLS with 190k miles. We bought it new and it's been paid off since 2006. It's been unbelievably reliable and still looks almost new. It's our 3rd VW. When we finally have to replace it, we'll buy another VW. Last... 
Sneaky new internet tax pushing through fast
Under this current climate of corporations holding trillions off shore, using our infrastructure and paying nothing, one wonders if a tax increase to the people is an equitable solution.This is my issue with more taxes on the average citizen. 
Pendragon. worth the wait and cost?
One comment, one question.Comment: the Pendragons are amazing! I owned a pair for a month or two(thanks Shakeydeal). I ended up selling them because they were physically too large for my setup. If I had the space, they'd be my last speaker.Questio... 
How do I use this speaker cable???
Those are the Linn Banana plugs. Their design is such, that you get more surface contact. They should fit into a standard connection. 
Just Ordered...
I've owned several Vandersteen models, 1b, 2ce, 2ce Sigs, 3a & 3a Sigs. I liked them with McCormack amps, especially the ones with the SMc mods. I found the Belles amps to be a nice step up, the 150A Reference was my favorite.I've not used tub... 
Budget High effeciency speakers
Don't know why I didn't think of the Klipsch Fortes. I own a pair. : )Klipsch or Tekton, either way you should be very happy. 
Budget High effeciency speakers
+1 on the Tektons 
Floor standing speakers under $1500.00
Ketchup,So as not to hijack this thread, I messaged you my response.