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Accuphase F-25 Active Crossover, any experience?
@ Austinacoustic:There are more people than you think using active crossovers and bypassing the passive ones inside the speakers.@ Cjfrbw:I also prefer analog XOs over digital XOs but the latter are getting better and better and can do more than j... 
Accuphase F-25 Active Crossover, any experience?
The Pass Labs is discrete analog. 
new crossovers still available for b&w matrix 801
Our you can try the Northcreek XOs. 
WARM 5 channel amp - suggestions?
Used Pass Labs X5 is in your range. 
How long do B&W 800 series speakers last
I've had my Matrix 802/3 since 1993 or so. I've had my Matrix 805s for about 10 years. They've lasted well all this time with no need for repairs. They may eventually need to have the caps in the crossovers replaced but they sound fine so I will w... 
tv stand for pass labs amp?
You can make you own for a lot less with 80/20 aluminum and some maple chop blocks. fully adjustable. Check my system for a pic. 
jeff rowland model 6 capacitors
I would second the use of Cornell Dubilier. Those were the replacements I was recommended to use on my Thresholds. 
jeff rowland model 6 capacitors
yeah, some of the big caps can be expensive. And for mono's you'll be looking at several hundred dollars. I'd look at the specs for the current cap and find a comparable power supply cap.You could also ask Jeff Rowland about what he would recommen... 
jeff rowland model 6 capacitors
Aleph 3 - Its 2013, are they still awesome ?
Congrats. I thought you'd like them if you listened to them. If you need a bit more oomph, look into the Aleph 2 monos. Currently, I'm biamping them (to the HF and MF) with some Thresholds (to LF). But they did sound really great all by themselves. 
Aleph 3 - Its 2013, are they still awesome ?
I would try to listen to them before deciding. It's only 30W but in the right setup with efficient speakers, it will still sound great. What other amps from that era are you considering? Not that many at 30W.Ed 
Best Preamp with Phono $2300 Max?
Don't know what level of adjustment you need in the phono stage but what about a Rowland Capri with Phono. It can handle MM and MC, sounds wonderful, and at least my WAF for it is good. 
Reissue of Threshold S350e?
^^^ neither do mine 
Standalone Room Correction Component
Theo: I would only consider this for HT. Not for 2.1 ch audio.Also, in looking at the ME220 and the Lyngdorf, they are only 2 ch. Looking at the Trinnov now...