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Negative feedback Amp=more faithful reproduction?
IMHO, NFB and ZNFB are different tools (among many, many others) that an amplifier designer has at his/her disposal to get the best performance (or let's say, for our discussion, the best faithful reproduction) given the amp's design parameters.So... 
Biamping, yes or no?
^^^ Yeah, using the speakers' existing crossover point is a good place to start. If you can get more info as to the slope (e.g., 6/12/18/24 dB/Octave), that would also help in testing the settings on the active XO.Though with steeper slopes, I oft... 
Biamping, yes or no?
In my experience...Bi-wiring: Use 2 sets of cables from the amps to the M/H terminals and to the L terminals on the speakers. Of course, this uses the passive XO inside the speakers. I didn't notice any benefits.Bi-amping #1: Use 2 IDENTICAL amps,... 
Biamping, yes or no?
"For example, you will almost certainly need to get an active xover. Just putting something like that into your system can do more damage to sound quality than the extra amp(s) can provide from the biamp in the first place."But, generally, passive... 
is biamping speakers good idea?
^^^ generally true. If your amps for the highs/mids are not the same as the amps for the lows, you'll need an active XO with sufficient adjustment to get the levels from the amps set up properly for seamless FR. This usually meanings some measurin... 
Biamping, yes or no?
you'll need to add an active crossover to get real benefits of biamping. 
is biamping speakers good idea?
you can but to get the most benefit of bi-amping, you'll need an active crossover that goes between the preamp and amps. i use a first watt b4 crossover for that purposes. it also requires a lot of listening to dial in the XO to get it just right ... 
Your best ''outstanding'' products in last 5 yrs?
I'd have to say the First Watt B4 active crossover. Discrete, analog, no opamps, and adjustable on the fly. 
Hand crafted equipment rack?
Why not make your own. Aluminum and maple. Fully customizable and scalable. And cheaper too. 
Anyone tried biamping with an Accuphase E-560?
If you are using two amps with different power ratings or gain for that matter, you will hear that difference. To avoid this, most people use an active crossover that has the ability to attenuate and balance out these differences in the power amps... 
Affordable SS amp that has tube characteristics
what about a pair of Pass Aleph 2 monoblocks? They can usually be found used for under $3K. 
Is McIntosh really Hi-Fi, finally MC452
As for your disdain for Class A SS amps and running hot:They have the same longevity (and sometimes longer!) when compared to other non-Class A SS amps. I've got some Class A amps (all Nelson Pass designs) from the 80s and 90s that I still use sev... 
Jeff Rowland Capri- looking for love.
My Capri mates well with Threshold SA/6e monoblocks, Pass Labs, Aleph 2 monoblocks, and even the Pass Labs X5 when used in a pinch for 2-channel. 
Theatre Match for B&W 801 Series 2
Matrix 805 or more HTM (which is basically a shielded 805).FWIW, IMHO, 7.1 was generally not much better than 5.1 (due to sources, not speakers). 
Nakamichi PA5
If you have the skill, you can get the schematics and info on diyaudio.comIf you want a good tech that works on Threshold and Threshold-type amps like the PA5, call Jon Soderberg @ vintage amp repair in CA.