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Bi Amping my B&W Matrix 800s
The passives on the 802s were a bit easier to remove and replace.  I did it myself.  Used Mundof caps and Vishay resistors.  Did not use polys for the electrolytics. 
Bi Amping my B&W Matrix 800s
On my 802s, there are 2 PCBs for each speaker that make up the passive crossover, one for the LF and one for the MF and HF.  I replaced the capacitors and resistors.  But then I went with active crossovers for the SW, LF, and the MF/HF combo. 
Bi Amping my B&W Matrix 800s
Mine looked great too.  But they did not measure well on the LCR meter.  I replaced them and I recovered  some better low freq response I didnt know I had lost.  These matrix series were built in the late 80s to early 90s so that is not unexpected. 
Bi Amping my B&W Matrix 800s
And even if you keep things as is, the caps in the passive crossovers already need replacing. 
Bi Amping my B&W Matrix 800s
I would only recommend it if you used active crossovers.  No issue with coherency whatoever.  Thats just a red herring.  Ive been triamping my Matrix 802s and subwoofer for many years and couldnt be happier. 
Dynavector xx2 mk2 loading sugestions
If you're getting the the Bob's Devices SUT, the Sky20 will work well with the20x2L. 
Static Electricity on Vinyl
If your table allows, try grounding your platter from underneath the plinth.  Try using a humidifier in the room.  If all else fails, use one of the anti-static guns. 
Thoughts on best budget phono pre-amp under $400?
You can get a brand new Lehmann Audio Black Cube from an authorized dealer on "that auction site". They accept offers well below the list price. 
No box but what about an XLR/RCA converter? 
input impedance load on a cartridge.
Generally, if you're loading at X ohms and its sounds a bit dull/lifeless/bass heavy that way, try higher loading to get it to even out a bit.  Alternatively, if you're loading at Y ohms and its sounds a bit too sparkly/tinny/HF heavy, then try lo... 
Always long for (upgraded) first love: Sonic Frontiers Line 3
SF preamps were great.  Like the remote too.  Only issue I (and others had) was that relays would get stuck sometimes.   
Might changing cables require repositioning of speakers?
I would expect a change in sound if your tech moved your speakers more so than a change in cables.  I would think that is what you're hearing. 
Next step up from the Dynavector 20x2 for more bass?
I have the 20x2L and find the bass authoritative and deep.  Maybe adjust the cart/tonearm to your taste as needed. 
A good cartridge match for a VPI Scout 1.1 w/ JMW-9T arm, under $1,000
Dynavector 20x2H if you have a phono pre that handles only MM; or a 20x2L if you have a phono pre that can handle MC. 
Big Krells Have Vanished From The Used Market
"Big watts are unreliable due to heat."Disagree. If properly and conservatively designed, hot running (class A) amps are very reliable.Case in point, my Threshold SA6e’s from the early 90s are still running strong with never a fault. At 25 years o...