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VPI paper alignment jig
I also recommend a Mint Protractor.  It's mirror surface and alignment lines/curves to prevent paralax is worth it. 
SUT shootout
If you collect carts, you probably will need to collect SUTs also irrespective of impedance ranges. ;)Im looking at a Hashimoto that suppposedly has a switch for 2-7 ohms and 7-40 ohms. Other SUTs like Bobs Devices have similar switches. 
SUT shootout
SUTs are very cart and system specific. 
SUT shootout
I think most people would say that getting the outpur voltage correct is more important with an SUT than getting the source or load impedance correct.  Proof is in thr listening.  I hope SUT manufacturers all have a robust return policy for this r... 
Phoenix Engineering Falcon and Eagle
After I got the Eagle and RR, I tested my setup, (1) without the Eagle and RR, (2) with only the Eagle AC regeneration, and (3) with the Eagle/RR feedback correction.What I found was that the stock motor (VPI Scout II) was inherently stable to 33... 
Confessions from a VPI owner of some 30 years
If your check the VPI forum, note that they are closed for the holidays.  So be a little more patient. 
SUT shootout
SibeliusExcellent thread.  After spending much time with the blue CineMag and the HM7, how do you feel about them today?  Thanks for helpong me decide. 
Any options for low power class A amps?
The Nelson Pass Amp Camp is an easy build and sounds great for what it is. But you need a high efficient speaker (> about 93 SPL) to get the full effect with the ~6watts. 
VPI TNT Turntables
That plus all the tubes, pumps, etc. 
VPI TNT Turntables
oh because the platter speed changed!By the time you realize it, or your feedback system realizes it to try to adjust for it, it is too late. An adjustment can "adjust" for it after the fact, but it will not really "correct" it. The cat (or error... 
VPI TNT Turntables
>FYI, a properly designed speed controller will provide excellent instantaneous>speed stability, but long term speed accuracy is improved with feedback. Can you perhaps recommend one? =) 
Jeff Rowland Amplifiers
They sound great IMHO. But more opamps are being used in current designs - at least in the preamps. 
Preamplifier for Threshold 400A
As an aside, I use a Rowland Capri preamp that has XLRs, but I still use RCAs to my Threshold SA/6e amps. Unless you are using really long runs of cable, it should not matter XLR or RCA. 
Preamplifier for Threshold 400A
Yup, had an ARC years ago and due to impedance mis matching could not use the XLRs from the ARC to the Thresholds. I’d stick to using RCAs as the Thresholds are not differentially balanced. Still rock nonetheless. 
Reel to Reel uses -
I record CD and vinyl onto 1/4" tape at 15ips.  Sounds much better.  I reserve it for something special though.