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B&W 803D crossover caps
Um, why not go to active crossovers and get the most control of the drivers and how they sound?  A lot easier than the "black arts" of trial and error using different caps. 
Jeff Rowland Capri S2 Owners Manual
Thanks all - especially for the manual, G! 
Jeff Rowland Capri S2 Owners Manual
Guido:Not sure how to send a PM via AGon. If available, you can email me at edwyunfb@yahoo.com Thanks!Ed 
Jeff Rowland Capri S2 Owners Manual
Is the S2 manual available nowadays online somewhere? Thank for your help. 
Why do some audiophiles beat up McIntosh?
Why do some audiophiles beat up McIntosh?
check out the Paul Speltz Zero page where he discusses the benefits of using autoformers between the amp and speakers.still, Mc gear never did sound good to me. 
And check the relays, they are usually the ones that will create problems with the SF units from that era. 
Crossover Options for JL Audio F110 subs
The Bryston is also good. I prefer analog crossovers if at all possible (unless you need time alignment, etc that is more suited for DSP). 
Crossover Options for JL Audio F110 subs
I'm using a First Watt B4 active crossover between by B&W M802s and my JL F112s. Using a 24db/Oct L-R slope. Works well. 
Solid State Buffer
Reno Hifi sells the manufactured First Watt B1 
Solid State Buffer
First Watt B1 
bi amping with 4 monoblocks ?
i'm using a 4 monoblock setup. while you can do without an active crossover and use the passive crossovers in the speakers, you will get benefits by using an active crossover and bypassing the passive ones. 
Used VPI Traveler v1 vs. New Rega RP3
Do some research on the v1 traveler before purchase. The v1s had some issues with the tonearm. 
Pass First Watt models ... confused
While the Aleph's run hot, I would not worry about their longevity. Eventually, you'll have to replace the supply caps but that's about it. Nothing else to adjust.And they do put out more power than the First Watt amps. 
Recommendation for SS amp for biamping
I would try DC coupled monoblocks running in class A. But to really get the benefit of biamping you need to use an external crossover between the preamp and the 2 sets of monblocks.